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5 Tips For Buying Commercial Security Cameras

Imagine your phone rings and the voice on the other end informs you that there has been an attempted break-in at your business. Your stomach plummets as they tell you there was substantial damage.

Datanet IT Launches Brand-New Audio-Visual Division

The company is stepping up to meet market demand for an audio-visual company that can handle complex technology issues, reports
datanet IT, a leader in providing cutting-edge IT services and solutions with headquarters in California and an one in North Carolina, is excited to announce their entrance into the digital signage and AV market with the launch of datanet AV. This new audio video company is dedicated to providing the best in fully integrated AV solutions that use the latest technology and innovative approaches to connect with audiences, streamline communication and ensure success.

For over three decades, datanet IT has worked to provide clients, who range from small businesses to enterprises, with intelligent solutions and ongoing support that allow them to remain competitive. The same level of expertise and excellent customer service can be found in datanet AV. As digital signage technology and other audio/visual solutions become an increasingly pervasive technology in boardrooms, retail locations and in practically every other aspect of the business world, datanet AV emerged as an organic extension of the parent company.

datanet AV offers a wide range of audio/visual solutions, making it a truly comprehensive source for the best in hardware, software and professional services. Clients can rely on datanet AV for everything from designing and installing digital signage displays and custom AV cabling projects to content creation and post-sale services that will keep systems up-to-date and fully functional. While other businesses tend to focus on niche services, datanet AV is capable of providing a full suite of services, which allows clients to turn to a trusted source for all their needs and form a lasting relationship.

"At datanet AV, we believe that there is unlimited potential for innovative audio and visual solutions to transform businesses across all industries," states AV Director Robert Kreysa. "Our experienced team is poised to become a leader in providing companies with customized A/V solutions that reimagine previously accepted boundaries and we are excited to see what the future holds for datanet AV and our partners."

About datanet AV:
With over 30 years of experience working in the IT industry, we have helped countless companies navigate significant changes in technology and successfully address new challenges. As digital signage, audio and conference room technology continues to reshape marketing, advertising, and communications, we remain at the forefront and provide customers with the latest solutions that allow them to innovate in a highly competitive business world.

If you would like to learn more about datanet AV and get started on your next project, contact us today.

Bigleaf Uses SD-Wan to Improve VoIP Speed and Reliability


Early on in the history of Voice over Internet Protocol technology, designers and businesses had high hopes for the potential of these systems to revolutionize communication. VoIP promised to do away with systems that relied on hardware that would quickly become obsolete. However, VoIP technology continued to be plagued by a variety of problems that caused it to fall short of its early promise.

A big part of the problem was that internet connections simply weren’t enough to offer reliability and handle high volume demands. Today, Bigleaf has managed to overcome many of these challenges through cloud-first SD-WAN solutions that offer a superior quality of service that includes sound, reliable calls, and competitive uptime.

A Fail-Safe Approach to VoIP

Even the latest VoIP solutions from some companies don’t offer the level of performance needed to operate in today’s competitive and global workplace. Clear communication is an essential part of a collaboration, especially when businesses are reaching well beyond the confines of their office to partner with collaborators around the world. A dropped call can not only cause delays and frustrations, it can also reflect poorly on the company.

Bigleaf has taken VoIP performance and reliability one step further by optimizing internet performance with SD-WAN technology. By providing a single IP address across multiple ISP’s, they are able to keep calls intact even when there is a problem with the internet. Real-time applications will continually run because the system will move VoIP traffic to a healthy connection outside the firewall for a failsafe backup that provides unbeatable performance.

Managing Heavy Traffic

Bigleaf’s SD-WAN architecture can host unique solutions to manage connection traffic that can cause reduced VoIP reliability. The company’s system routes calls over the cleanest ISP connection at any given time for optimal performance. Instead of manually patching problems, Bigleaf uses the cloud to offer redundant gateway clusters, which provides an automatic load that effectively addresses bottlenecks and reroutes all traffic for customers with multiple connections in the case of an internet failure. Data will always travel the quickest route possible even when traffic is at its peak for the fastest uptime on the market.

With Bigleaf’s SD-WAN technology, customers can use the cloud to manage their VoIP and enjoy the best in internet calling. Businesses can feel confident that Bigleaf already has a solution in place for challenges they may face. This cutting-edge technology is allowing users to gain a competitive edge with fast uptimes and reliable calls that allow businesses to keep pace with today’s increasingly competitive markets. 

Why Temporary IT Staffing Provides an Invaluable Tool

The business world is riddled with uncertainty. It is the nature of the beast. In addition to internal factors, businesses also have to deal with the ever-evolving economic climate, which can make it difficult to confidently make choices about when to expand and hire permanent workers. Current demand for additional help may one be temporary, which means that businesses are forced into a delicate balancing act. While temporary staffing provides a solution, it can be difficult to find highly experienced workers who are trained in niche fields through traditional agencies. Fortunately, the IT staffing industry is addressing these challenges by offering highly-trained temporary staffing solutions to businesses, so that they can enjoy the expertise of a full-time team member without the long-term commitment.

Breaking Into the IT Job Market in 2018

>UPDАTE: This post is as relevant in 2019 as it is in 2018, therefore, we have not made changes to it. Enjoy the content.<

The year 2018 is an excellent time to break into the information technology (IT) job market. Companies recognize that technology develops faster than they can possibly implement it. 

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The Future of VoIP -Tomorrow's Technology

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What to look for when buying an Integrated Video and Access Control System

When you consider the state of unrest that plagues the nation these days, it may be time to add increased building security to your commercial assets. New technologies have improved the inter-workings of business security systems to defend against discerning criminals that are finding new ways to intimidate businesses at every level.

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Startups, accomplished small businesses, and thriving enterprises, when you hire a data center network cabling contractor or company to ensure seamless connectivity between your networks, people, and processes, there are some important things to watch out for.