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 Preventative Protection for People and Property.

Buy a Business Security SystemDataNet IT partners with S2 Security as a vendor and installer to offer access control and mobile security management tools that help create a safer environment for businesses and other buildings such as schools and other institutions. 

With our business security systems, you are better equipped to handle situations as they arise. You minimize threat and decrease response time, resulting in preparedness for future unexpected events. You gain a sound solution as well as a trusted business security vendor to make the right choice for your assets.

Important Business Security System Options

The importance of business security is higher than ever before. Protecting business means protecting people and assets. With DataNet IT’s use of S2 security equipment and software, factors such as slow notifications for campus and building incidents that once limited employees is eliminated by real-time text notification. In lieu of 24/7 physical access to buildings, per-person control and entry point are now tracked by date and time.

If you already have a legacy access control system in place and feel you know how to secure your buildings, upgrading to modern software can enhance and expand your capabilities, which will notify you of an incident such as a break-in, a door left ajar, or a temperature change that may indicate a fire or flood.

The security systems access control function is 100% web based. The IP network system does not require software installation or license fees like competing products.

The system integrates access control, intrusion detection, and video security. The mobile security management tool provides access to the system from any location on a tablet app, which improves productivity and response time.

In emergency situations, the app also authorizes the lockdown of the facility. DataNet IT performs the installation of integrated business security systems and building security options to meet your needs. When you recognize the importance of security, you are one step closer to continued business success.

Features and Benefits of Security Systems

Our Business Security Systems offers some features and benefits businesses and institutions should not be without. It is a time when heightened security is on the minds of business in every industry, and knowing how to secure your buildings is critical. 

The access control system provides:

  • Web interface: delivery of browser based, unified management
  • Identity management: ID photo capture and badging
  • Events and reporting: displays events and allows for customized reporting
  • Customizable monitor displays: provides customization of security event monitoring in real time
  •  Expandable system: simple addition of S2 network nodes or portals supporting one or more card readers along with video management

The mobile security management tool provides:

  • Remote management: S2 system can be managed from any location
  • Central administration: sends information that reports any actions taken directly to the command center
  •  Quick response: enables users to respond to events at the time they unfold

Security System for Every Industry

With our security solutions your businesses, buildings, property, and assets are protected by various interior and exterior systems. We provide two primary types of commercial safety and security systems: access control in the form of card readers at all doors as well as security cameras positioned where you need them.

These two types of security systems for business are proven effective in nearly every industry, especially schools, retail stores, and business buildings.

Whether you work in health, finance, high-tech, education, entertainment, or production industries, both physical and system security have become a number one priority for safety. Intruder rates are unfortunately up, and it is time to address it and also ensure you have up-to-date systems that are compatible with intruders’ sophisticated techniques.

What To Expect in a First-Rate Security Service

When you choose DataNet IT for your business security systems, you sign on with a company that operates strategically for a custom security plan. 

Our security service begins with a thorough security risk evaluation. We report on physical and system vulnerabilities in order to design the right plan based on your interior and exterior needs. We take into consideration the number of visitors, deliveries, and staff activity expected on your property. Your business security systems will be designed for your particular business environment.

Security Scenarios

While business entities never expect certain security situations to arise, it is almost guaranteed to happen. Consider various types of intrusions resulting in varying levels of disaster:

  • Break-ins that lead to vandalism or theft
  • An act of terrorism with devastating results
  • A breach of security in terms of data and systems could go down
  • A disgruntled employee that may plan harm to others
  • An unstable person that may not be in charge of their own actions and cause damage
  • Natural disasters such as fire or water in which a camera system may help determine cause

Whatever security event takes place, disaster preparedness is your best defense. At a minimum, card readers and cameras should be in place inside and outside your property, and your staff should be trained to respond. Make sure you understand how these security scenarios can affect your bottom line, and call on DataNet IT to review the types of security systems for business.

You protect your company and your people when you invest in a business security vendor and increase your security options for superior integrated security.

You protect your company and your people when you invest in a business security vendor and increase your security options for superior integrated security.

Results of a Proven Security Service

When you take precautions in order to prevent a breach of security and to protect your assets, the results are naturally improved. While there is no certain method for shutting out criminals or unwanted behavior, you can take the steps needed to minimize the risks.

With DataNet IT’s expertise and S2 security hardware and software in place for your safety and security system, you expect:

  • Reduced criminal activity
  • Real-time surveillance and reporting
  • Heightened protection for people, structures, data, and other assets
  • Appropriate employee response to security events
  • Reduced risks of workplace violence
  • Minimized staff when proper security elements are in place
  • Minimal liability claims with security cameras, training, and documentation in place
  • Cost-effective security options in lieu of high-cost modifications or staffing

With DataNet IT, you have business security options. Don’t wait to add to recognize the importance of security. Learn how to secure your business. When you make the move to protect your people and your assets, you gain peace of mind and also protect your company against intruders, lawsuits, and overall disasters.

Make DataNet IT your business security vendor and installer of choice, and learn more about the proven types of security systems for business by contacting us or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are ready to buy a business security system, contact us by phone (408) 684-9100. 

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