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Your company’s network connects employees, business processes, and customers.


Our experienced design engineers know that your network needs the flexibility to accommodate growth and change over an extended period of time and that high-end network structured data cabling system design is a critical component to your network.

DataNet IT delivers network data cabling services with a uniform, open physical cabling topology that can simultaneously support multiple logical networking scenarios. Consider today’s demands for clear voice, high-speed data, superior video, and precise imaging.

From overall infrastructure design to the details of your cabling, we are a full-service data cabling contractor. Our teams, based in each US Coast, Silicon Valley and Raleigh, North Carolina, perform everything from auditing and testing to full lab and data center moves. Equipment procurement and installation, testing, and documentation are part of the package. We apply standards-based methods to engineer and install infrastructure that enables predictable performance in data, voice, and video.

Global technology leaders, as well as smaller companies in a wide range of industries, rely on DataNet IT for our depth of experience and expertise. They call on us to install and deploy network infrastructure and to handle lab and data center moves, from start to finish. They count on us to evaluate and diagnose network issues accurately while maintaining manufacturer warranties. Finally, they rely on our audit and test services for upgrades and expansion.

Features and Benefits of Professional Services

When you consider the features and benefits, the choice is clear. At DataNet IT, we recognize that your company’s telecommunications groundwork is the integral foundation to the overall success of your IT infrastructure and your company as a whole.

• Simplified design for simple maintenance
• Short-term recovery period when problems arise 
• Better cooling system
• Increased energy efficiency 
• State-of-the-art fiber optic or copper cable and equipment
• Certified for standard compliance

When you select DataNet IT to provide your network data cabling, you place your valuable networking systems in the hands of expert contractors. Energy efficiency and secure communications are number one priorities for leaders in every industry, and you can count on DataNet IT to provide these current benefits of cabling to take your company into the next decade and beyond.

Why is Proper Cabling Important?

Consider your infrastructure without high-end, well-planned cabling system design. Uptime becomes an issue along with streamlined connectivity. You may not be prepared for growth and technological advancements over the next decade. With the right data cabling service provider, you receive the highest quality fiber optic cable, materials, and equipment compatible with your company needs. Now more than ever, quality cabling services are a significant facet of your IT infrastructure. Without organized electrical structure, your company is at the high risk of system failure, security breach, and overall company collapse.

Why Choose DataNet IT for your Services?

The DataNet IT difference in a data cabling service definition begins with a consultation and complete evaluation of your current infrastructure followed by seamless design, construction, installation, and testing phases. Expect skilled engineers in a thorough process that includes cabling specs, bid specs, RFP package, engineering review, construction plan, OEM warranties, and a cable management database. Our cabling standard installation process is designed for minimal interruption, and we use high-end certified cable, racks, and other equipment. Our final testing phase ensures your success and satisfaction. DataNet IT is your go-to structured cabling company.

About DataNet IT Expert Cabling

At DataNet IT, our cabling definition means that we provide your cabling infrastructure including the structured subsystems required for the success of your company networking and communications. We house your systems and provide the reliability and safety factors to increase your confidence and ensure 100% uptime. Not only that, we depend on current energy-efficient parts and equipment for every aspect of your cabling system.

Advantages of Professional Cabling

There are some significant advantages when you rely on a leading professional in the industry to plan and implement a structured data cabling system design within your environment.

• Simplify your operations with professional structured cabling standards 
• Rely on experts current with technology
• Depend on solid, reliable, and secure network connectivity 
• Cost savings when network cabling is done right the first time 
• New, energy-efficient and systematic cabling systems

When you select an experienced provider in the field for your complex requirements of any scale, data cabling standards do not need to be a challenge. Prepare your company for any workplace scenario with solid DataNet IT cabling solutions.

Challenges in a Data Cabling Migration

Depending on the state of your network infrastructure, a cabling definition may mean a migration that requires some serious planning and a brief transition time. When you rely on DataNet IT, the process is designed to be seamless without the hassle. We work on your behalf to present a custom strategy based on your needs so the challenges are minimized. When you decide on “data cabling” for your environment, you’ve already taken the first step toward the organization, efficiency, and security. Let DataNet IT serve as your data cabling company, and prepare your IT infrastructure for the future.

Contact us here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about our cabling standards and services. If you are ready to hire a data cabling contractor, call us at (408) 684-9100. 

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