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Data Center and Lab Moves

 Not glamorous, but critical to get it right!

datanet IT is called upon–and trusted–by technology and industry leaders as well as smaller organizations to plan and carry out the relocation of their complex data centers and labs. Often the move is within a Silicon Valley campus, but it could be across town to a new facility or cross-country. 

Our team in Cary, North Carolina often moves enterprise clients’ data centers into the Raleigh, NC area. These customers turn to datanet IT to carry out all these crucial steps:

  • Document network topology – even if documentation already exists, we must document every detail, setting, and connection and apply best practices in order to take responsibility for reassembly and correct operation at the new location.
  • De-commission / tear-down – during disassembly of this jigsaw puzzle, inventory must be taken flawlessly and each unit and component need to be properly staged and labeled. Thoughtful grouping of connectors and peripherals can save time and money at the destination end. These considerations are not taken lightly.
  • Pack and Move – this stage requires awareness of what needs to arrive at each point in the sequence. Having the right packaging to safely move each unit in accordance with manufacturer specifications is crucial to maintain warranties.
  • Re-connection – Rack, stack, and patch.  The accurate reassembly of potentially thousands of switches and servers and hundreds of racks requires a sophisticated methodology, from physically fitting the equipment back into its place in the new facility to optimizing cabling paths.  We then bring up the equipment, and test and verify that each unit is operational.


  • Test and confirm integration – it is imperative to confirm that all interconnectivity is correct and that the integration between units has not been compromised during the move or reassembly.  Moving a data center is a significant responsibility that must often be carried out under intense time pressure.

This is not the time to pull together an ad hoc team and hope they arrive at the correct safeguards and processes in time to avoid costly errors. Some of the world’s top technology firms trust DataNet IT’s experience and proven record in data center moves, above any internal team they can assemble from their thousands of skilled engineers and technicians.

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