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Businesses depend on their IT networks 24/7/365 for voice, video, data and other forms of communication. A controlled shutdown can stop even the most prepared company in its tracks. Continuity of service is an absolute requirement to avoid data center power related issues.

At datanet IT, we ensure that our clients in companies of every size leverage the newest and best options in cost-effective, line-interactive backup power and voltage regulation. Our engineers carefully combine power distribution units, switches, and remote power panels and racks to deliver outstanding cost-benefit in UPS power protection. We recognize that 99% uptime is not good enough and that total control over downtime is imperative. Even a controlled shutdown means that business halts. We know that continuity of service is an absolute requirement.

datanet IT's data center power management group is experienced in providing data center architecture that helps companies avoid expensive damage to data networks and to direct current (DC) power plants that shield equipment from direct exposure to the utility's alternating current (AC) power.

datanet IT’s Data Center Power Management Solutions

datanet IT delivers two proven full-range solutions to data center power management: uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and direct current (DC) server power supply. Our UPS solution relies on power distribution units (PDU) for individual data center infrastructure and integrated systems that keep your network closets, computer rooms, and data center infrastructure up and running. Simply put, data center power management is our capability to effectively manage and monitor the performance of your virtualized and physical servers in our data centers.

Our scalable DC server power supply solution shields your network from utility issues such as surges, swells or sags, and power-utility-lightning. Power systems need to scale easily and smoothly to accommodate business growth while making the best use of capital expenditure. datanet IT’s modularity helps companies avoid paying for excess capacity, and safe and simple ‘plug and go’ installation reduces maintenance and operating costs.

Our data center power management solutions are easy to use and yet customizable to meet the requirements of any organization. Our experts will help your IT group determine which types of UPS—desktop PC, rack-mount or floor-mount, network, or large-facility—are the best fit for your environment’s power consumption needs.

Features and Benefits of UPS and DC

The features and benefits of datanet IT’s UPS power management and DC server power supply solutions offer companies like yours peace of mind and guaranteed uptime you can’t afford to be without.

  • Power-saving equipment to reduce your bottom line
  • Eco-minded best practices for energy conservation
  • Power solutions that are easy to use and customizable to meet your requirements
  • Full control over power availability and uptime
  • Better efficiency
  • Longer lifecycle

When you choose datanet IT, you choose data center and server power services that are designed to secure your assets and take your company into the future. It is an era when energy conservation and sustainable systems are desirable by every industry. Investing in earlier, cost-bearing and unsafe solutions is not an option. Companies are demanding these features and benefits, and datanet IT delivers.

Why is a Power Management Solution Imperative?

New technology for data centers is founded on volts direct current (VDC), or voltage that is constant. To achieve the level of VDC required for high efficiency, energy improvements, and cost savings, the requirement for an appropriate connector is key—a connector that connects a DC server power supply to a DC power distribution strip. Traditional models are shown to be ineffective in protecting users in every situation. Touch-safe connectors are necessary for 400 VDC power supplies, and our DataNet IT solutions comply with today’s electrical standards. We rely on cutting-edge technology to support the imperative demands for 400 VDC data centers. Not only that, clients receive a scalable solution that may be deployed incrementally for superior resilience and dependability along with excellent cost savings.

About 400 VDC Technology

While 400 VDC power distribution is not a new concept, it has been a goal for many IT providers since 2007. This technology offers proven energy savings and capital savings along with maximum reliability at a time when data and system security remains at the highest level ever. It has taken some years to develop the products necessary to safely deploy 400 VDC, since traditional power connectors neither protect a user nor survive an electric arc.

We now have the capability to incorporate arc breaking over many cycles and at the same time extend housings that keep users safe from electric exposure. New standards, a plug and play option, and live power consumption and efficiency data across servers are all part of this world-class technology. DataNet IT is one of leading providers to offer a robust data power management solution. Companies can expect lower investment costs with a DC server power supply option as compared with traditional alternating current (AC) power distribution systems.

What Are The Advantages in Cutting-Edge Data Center and Server Power Management?

There is a short list of obvious pros when you invest in cutting-edge data center power management. The obvious advantages for most company leaders are safety, cost, and uptime. What may not be as obvious are the underlying advantages in UPS power management and a DC server power supply. These methods for power distribution are not only safer, they come with a high degree of energy efficiency and that equates to company savings. As well, when you apply scalable solutions to support the position of your company, you invest in only what you need when you need it. This concept is the wave of the future for IT managed services. Now is the time to migrate in order to prepare for technological advancements.

What Are The Challenges in Relying on Data Center Power Services?

Migration is possibly the biggest challenge for companies that have operated with on-premise IT infrastructure and now recognize the value in making big changes. There is some concern about its viability for applications that go into a hibernation mode. Cost savings may be realized after companies have made it through a transition period, and staff may initially struggle with the degree of change. The goal is to plan and implement a seamless transition with the right company. This is the DataNet IT difference. We evaluate company IT infrastructure before designing a strategic plan to move systems into a cloud-based environment that suits their goals and objectives. This plan includes our cutting-edge data center power management solutions for taking you into next-generation computing.

Contact us here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about our Data Center Power Management services using uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and DC server power supply. If you are in need to hire a data center power management company urgently, please contact us at (408) 684-9100. 

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