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Integrated Security Systems

 Preventative Protection for People and Property.


datanet IT along with S2 offer access control and mobile security management tools to create a safer environment in schools, businesses, and other institutions.

With our integrated security systems, you will be better equipped to handle situations as they arise while minimizing the threat, decreasing response time with greater preparedness for future events.

Factors that once limited staff like slow notifications to campus incidents are eliminated by real-time text notification. Where there was once 24/7 access to buildings, access is now controlled per person and entry point and tracked by time and date.

Already have a legacy access control system in place? Our modern software can enhance and expand the capabilities by notifying you of incidents such as break-in’s, doors left ajar and temperature changes that can alert you of fires or floods.

The access control system is 100% web based. The IP networked system does not require software installation or license fees like competing products. It integrates access control, intrusion detection and video security together.


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The mobile security management tool provides access to the system from any location on the tablet app which improves productivity and response time. It emergency situations, the app also authorizes the lockdown of the facility.

Features and Benefits:

The access control system provides:

  • Web interfaces: delivery of browser based and unified management
  • Identity management: ID photo capture and badging
  • Events and reporting: displays events and allows for customized reporting
  • Customizable monitor displays: provides customization of security event monitoring in real time
  • Expandable system: simple addition of S2 network nodes or portals supporting one or more card readers and video management

The mobile security management tool provides:

  • Remote management: S2 system can be managed from any location
  • Central administration: sends information that reports what actions were taken to the command center
  • Quick response: enables users to respond to events at the time they unfold

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