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Power Management

When 99% up-time is not good enough,

look to DC and UPS power solutions!

Businesses depend on their IT networks 24/7/365 for voice, video, data and other forms of communication. Even a controlled shutdown can stop even the most prepared company in its tracks. Continuity of service is an absolute requirement to avoid data center power related issues.

datanet IT's data center power management group is experienced at providing data center architecture that helps avoid expensive damage to data networks and DC power plants that shield equipment from direct exposure to the utility's AC power.

datanet IT also delivers a full range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power distribution units (PDUs), from individual data center infrastructure solutions to integrated systems that keep network closets, computer rooms and data center infrastructure up and running.

Scalable DC power shields your network from utility issues (surges, swells or sags) and power-utility-lightning. Power systems need to scale easily and smoothly to accommodate business growth while making the best use of capital expenditure. Modularity helps you avoid paying for excess capacity, while safe and simple ‘plug and go’ installation reduces maintenance and operating costs.






Our power solutions are easy to use but customizable to the requirements of any organization. Uninterruptible power keeps critical data centers, operations, and applications running. Our experts will help your IT group determine which types of UPS—desktop PC, rack-mount or floor-mount, network, or large-facility—are the best fit for your environments power consumption needs.

99% Uptime is Not Good Enough

We ensure that our clients leverage the best and newest options in cost-effective, line-interactive backup power and voltage regulation for companies of every size. Our engineers carefully combine power distribution units, switches and remote power panels and racks to deliver outstanding cost-benefit in UPS power protection. 99% uptime is not good enough; total control over downtime is imperative. Businesses now depend on their IT networks for voice, data and other forms of communication. Even a controlled shutdown mean that business halts, and this makes continuity of service an absolute requirement.

Features and Benefits

  • Power-saving equipment to reduce your bottom line 
  • Eco-minded best practices for energy conservation
  • Power solutions that are easy to use and customizable to your requirements
  • Full control over availability and uptime
  • Better efficiency
  • Longer Lifecycle

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