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Hire a Backup and Data Recovery vendorEvery day, businesses generate vast quantities of vital data needed to keep management informed and engines running.

The importance of protecting all data is starkly evident in large enterprises, and the matter is no less important or critical in small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Even with their limited resources and IT budgets, SMBs require robust business continuity systems: disaster recovery plans and safeguards to ensure IT assets are accessible in the event of a catastrophic outage or system failure.

datanet IT’s BDR365 backup and data recovery solution is a fully managed server backup and disaster recovery platform complete with robust data protection, secure and reliable cloud storage, and a range of local and hybrid backup options. 

When our solution is deployed, our certified backup technicians are part of the package. Our experts become your experts, ready to step in and take complete control of day-to-day management, monitoring, and verification of your backups using best practices. We do most of the heavy lifting, and you’ll be free to focus on your customers and business operations

BDR365 is a “set it and forget it” solution – one that scales effortlessly to support your business growth. We manage and maintain it fully, to minimize the time you’ll spend hands-on dealing with disaster recovery, continuity, and availability issues.

Get seamless integration with DataNet IT's RMM365. When BDR365 is combined with our remote monitoring and management solution, you will experience complete, comprehensive end-to-end IT management and data protection.

Features and Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery

  • In the event of a disaster, we’ll bring up your complete site as virtual machines on a private network in the cloud
  • Your data is backed up to a local appliance and can be replicated offsite to the cloud, complying with stringent disaster recovery standards
  • We manage all of your backups from a central location, with remote access to appliances, protected machines (with datanet IT RMM), and the cloud

As a small to a midsize business owner, you know your data is valuable. Data drives decisions and is critical to coordinating and implementing plans, financial details, and managing even a small team of employees. From law offices to the small software company, even a seemingly minor loss or downtime can result in financial ruin. This is what makes backups so important.

When it comes to backing up your businesses’ precious data there seem to be a plethora of options available. This information can seem overwhelming and the choices within your budget can leave you feeling less than underwhelmed. However, never fear! In this post, we will explain some very affordable options available to you as a small business owner. But first, let’s discuss the importance of backups in a little more detail.

Why is data backup so important?

Data security is an area that is becoming increasingly demanded and the value of your data contains not only is a concern to you but your customers.  Data storage must be taken seriously as a good steward and business owner. Having backups allows for transactions to be verified, business documents, emails, and essential parts of operations to be restored upon failures.  It also allows for records when they get older or less important to the business to be retained while the primary copy is deleted.  Mistakes will and do happen in business and just like buying insurance it is prudent to prevent losses due to unforeseen events.

Now that it’s been briefly discussed why backups are so important, let’s cover the basics of how data is backed up. Essentially data backup solutions break down into two categories: on-site (typically physical) and off-site (typically cloud based) storage solutions. Let’s look at each in more detail.  

On-site options generally are considered the first line of defense when it comes to data backups. They typically consist of physical storage, either in tape or disks, that are created on-site to backup information.


Tape the older of the two storage options is generally considered more reliable but takes more time to create. Therefore making it more suitable of long-term archives rather than regular backups. Additionally, tapes can be moved offsite to a remote location to reduce the risk of complete data loss should disaster strike the business site. However, moving the tapes leaves your backups vulnerable to theft while in transit to the off-site location.


Disks are growing increasingly reliable thereby slowly rendering tapes irrelevant as SLA (Service Level Agreements) are often more easily met with a disk system. Highly cost-effective (and growing more so each year), disks can more quickly store and restore backups compared to tapes. However, like all physical technology, there is the possibility of destruction to or malfunction of the backups. Disks can also be transported to potentially safer locations off-site, but the same risks of theft exist.


Off-site and online backup and recovery options are primarily represented in the form of cloud storage. Let’s look at cloud-based backups in more detail.

What is a cloud-based backup?

A cloud-based backup is essentially when your data is transmitted via a network to a remotely located server or servers to be stored securely. The name cloud is given to the entire network of servers used for this and other purposes.  

What are the pros of using a cloud backup solution?

Compared to the more traditional on-site methods of storing backup data, online backup services in the cloud are typically more affordable- especially on a small to mid-size business budget. By moving storage off-site, the need for massive storage systems with the staff needed to manage them is eliminated. Also, by using offsite cloud backup, especially a managed services backup solution, can reduce your time investment in creating and managing backups, giving you a peace of mind without the hassle. Additionally, restoring your precious information should a problem arise is accomplished by your managed service provider making it an effortless and efficient process.  

 Another important point to note about online backup is scalability, as your business grows your storage needs will grow and the ability to store more data without making more and more effort for physical and local backups will be an unnecessary burden which you will not experience.

Modern businesses need to be dynamic in nature and having data available anywhere can make operations smoother.  Essentially, no longer is your data physically chained to one location.  Moving has risks and as long as your data is securely stored online using a backup solution, it can be easily restored at the new location.  Additionally, technology is constantly changing and by relying on a managed cloud-based solution affords not having to worry about how to store data. This, in turn, provides more time to concentrate on the essential parts of your business like growth.

What are the cons of using a cloud backup solution?

As with all solutions, there are a few drawbacks to using an online backup and recovery solution. Primarily, a cloud-based solution requires a reliable connection between you and the remote server, so your network services may need to be buffed up should your business be located in an area with a poor connection. Additionally, security can be a concern with a cloud-based solution. With the information being transmitted over a network, without proper security protocols, this information could be vulnerable to prying eyes. That is why it is advisable to rely on the expertise of a managed provider to ensure the greatest reliability and security of your data.

All in all, cloud backup and recovery solutions are generally more affordable and easier to manage than the on-site counterparts. The biggest downside to cloud-based storage is the need for a reliable network connection to implement and the best way to ensure your data is securely transmitted is to rely on the expertise of a provider like datanetIT.  That being said networks are becoming faster and more reliable than they have ever been historically thus enabling cloud-based solutions as a viable alternative to older more archaic backup solutions.    

Business is about being smart and about being competitive in the areas where you can provide extra value to your customers. Ready support from a reliable company equipped to manage your cloud-based backup solution affords you a peace of mind. 

Interested in learning more about backup and recovery? Prefer a one-on-one consultation? Contact us here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free consultation. Learn more about your options with Managed Services by visiting our pages. Remote Monitoring and Management and Remote Help Desk.  If you are in urgent need to hire a Data Backup and Recovery vendor, please contact us at (408) 684-9100. 

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