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network monitoring and managementIt’s increasingly important that your network and systems are online and operating efficiently at all times.

With datanet IT’s remote monitoring and management software solution, we ensure your network and systems are online and operating efficiently at all times.

With our proactive RMM365 solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs), we’re able to keep tabs on your IT infrastructure around the clock, 365 days a year. If a problem arises, our technical experts act as a part of your team for a timely response, quick resolution, and the reporting needed to improve your IT operations.

We provide complete 24/7/365 monitoring of your network and IT infrastructure along with full problem resolution and troubleshooting for your servers, desktops, and mobile devices. Our technical experts work behind the scenes to ensure your systems are running smoothly. Should a problem or disaster arise, the datanet IT team responds immediately for optimum resolution.

Features and Benefits of datanet IT’s RMM

Remote monitoring and management software offers some of the most significant advancements in IT services. There are a number of benefits that make a transition to RMM365 an excellent business decision for SMBs. Some key benefits:

  • Built-in antivirus protection for your valued data
  • Easy, integrated client communication options
  • A customizable suite with add-ons to meet your specific business needs
  • Cost-savings in accurate and automated remote monitoring in network management
  • Integrates with data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plans for optimum results
  • Business confidence in a managed remote monitoring option
  • Sound planning and forecasting based on RMM
  • Efficient 24/7/365 support

Features and Benefits

As your remote monitoring and management provider, datanet IT offers a set of features and proven benefits for your network and server infrastructure that no business or enterprise should be without. Our RMM365 solution is integrated with our backup and data recovery (BDR) solution to:

  • Monitor your entire IT environment including network servers, desktops, mobile devices, and more
  • Identify and analyze server “events” for potential problems
  • Monitor servers to ensure security patches and anti-virus protocols are up to date
  • Monitor backup data for business continuity
  • Provide ongoing optimization of your systems in order to resolve slow functioning and other inefficiencies
  • Alert technicians for immediate response and minimal downtime
  • Allow automated configuration, scripts and patches 
  • Report on real-time data including systems, assets, applications, maintenance, and performance to our Network Operations Center (NOC) and to your IT staff

Remote Monitoring and Management Meaning

When you are about to make a choice for a remote monitoring and management vendor, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the RMM definition, how it works, and the main advantages of this automated solution.

What is RMM Software – RMM Definition

What is RMM software? Remote Monitoring and Management software—or RMM—is an application/software that enables Managed Service Providers (MSP) like datanet IT to perform system management remotely for your company. Acting as a virtual agent, technicians have access to monitor and maintain servers, hardware, and mobile devices. The RMM application gathers information from your software, hardware, and networks and transmits activity and data reports to our Network Operations Center (NOC), which can then be presented to you anytime, anywhere. The overall goal and remote monitoring and management meaning are to improve workflow efficiency and elevate the quality of service to a level that is far superior to traditional IT services.

How RMM Works

Device managers (virtual agents) are assigned to your systems. The device managers then connect with our NOC. Remote IT monitoring notifications are sent for routine updates and any malfunctions or abnormalities. A ticketing system is used that automatically categorizes the notifications based on the level of urgency. This enables our technicians to prioritize the notifications and take quick action to resolve any problem.

Advantages to datanet IT’s RMM Solution

There is a multitude of advantages when you select datanet IT as your remote monitoring and management software (RMM) platform:

  • Disaster Prevention—take a proactive approach before an unexpected event or failure.
  • Security Enhancement—protect your assets in a time of heightened security.
  • Expert Technicians—rely on RMM experts that keep up with advancing technology.
  • Productivity Advantage—when your systems are monitored, you invest in a productivity advantage over your competitors.
  • Cost Savings—save costs by avoiding a break-fix model and placing your assets on a secure ongoing maintenance plan.

The datanet IT RMM365 solution extends the lifetime of your equipment, improves employee productivity, and increase your network stability and efficiency. (See our blog post: The Top 5 Reasons to Use RMM).

Remote Monitoring in Network Management for Your Organization

When you equip your network with technology that can prevent disasters, you increase security, improve productivity, and save money. You place your organization in a position to succeed by focusing on your business and not your network. Let DataNet IT be your remote monitoring and management vendor for a solution that saves time, enhances your customer services, and improves the performance of your systems. With DataNet IT RMM365, your business will run more efficiently giving you positive results.

Contact Us here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about RMM365, datanet IT’s proven Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution. Want to know more about managed services? Visit our pages Backup and Data Recovery and Remote Help Desk.  If you need to buy Remote Network Monitoring Services urgently, contact us at (408) 684-9100. Find us on these social networks!

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