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4 Advancements in Security Camera Technology You Should Know About


Security Camera Technology Is Ever Changing

Are your cameras up to date?


Technology changes at a rapid pace, and it can be challenging to stay on top of the constant updates and new releases. Business security cameras are not an exception when it comes to frequent advancements; in fact, they have seen exponential change over the last several years as video capabilities have expanded and storage solutions have changed.

We’ve compiled four of the recent advances in commercial security camera technology that we think businesses should know about. By staying up to speed on the benefits of the newer technologies, you’ll be able to make an accurate determination of when you might need to upgrade your current security camera system or even purchase a new one altogether.

1. High Definition Security Cameras

Business security cameras have experience a dramatic improvement in the quality of the video that they are capable of capturing. Think about the difference in the video that your cell phone camera was able to capture five years ago compared to now, and then multiply that by ten—that’s how much security camera video quality has changed.

In the past, business security cameras might have had a difficult time capturing clear images of people’s faces, license plates, and other detailed scenes. Now, however, high definition cameras are becoming more available to companies looking to invest in high-quality security cameras. High definition security cameras offer unparalleled video quality, and if you have an older security camera system it is definitely worthwhile to look into upgrading your system so that you can take advantage of this advancement. If you’re getting a brand new system, make the video quality a priority and be sure to ask your installation company about high definition security cameras.

2. Improved Motion Sensing, Infrared/Night Vision, and More

Similarly to how video quality has improved, many other aspects  security camera features have experienced positive changes. Depending on the needs of your business, motion sensing security cameras can be a great investment. The motion detectors have become much more sensitive and are able to be tailored to specific situations (e.g., not picking up small wildlife) in order to maximize their effectiveness. Many security cameras can now also be equipped with a low-light or infrared mode so that they can still capture detailed footage at night or in unlit offices. The clarity and image quality produced by infrared and low-light cameras is exponentially better than it was just a few short years ago, and if you need your security cameras to monitor exterior areas of the building after hours then this is one advancement you’ll definitely want to look more into.






3. Versatile Storage Options

With all of the advancements in security camera technology, upgrades to the storage options available have also progressed rapidly. The older analog video cameras historically fed the video feed onto TV screens or directly onto a DVR. This required massive amounts of physical storage space, and it was difficult to efficiently sort through the video to find segments that were worth keeping. As business security camera technology has improved, additional storage options have become available.  

One of the most commonly utilized storage options with newer security camera systems is digital or cloud storage, where the video feed is captured and automatically uploaded to an internet storage location. By utilizing the cloud, physical storage needs are minimized and storage expenses can be reduced. Digital storage options often make it easier to organize and file video clips, storing any important segments while clearing the rest. If your company is still relying on non-Cloud storage, check with your security camera installer to see if you might be able to upgrade your system’s storage and take advantage of the new options.

4. Remote Access and Notifications

Along the same lines as the storage options, having security camera systems that are hooked into the internet means that a whole world of possibilities has opened up with regards to remote access and monitoring. It is no longer a distant dream to be able to see your business no matter where you are in the world; with the advances in remote monitoring, you can now easily check on your company with a few swipes of your finger or clicks of a mouse.

Remote monitoring has many substantial benefits, and it’s a huge reason to think about upgrading an older system. If you are investing in a new security camera system, be sure to talk with your security camera installation company about whether remote monitoring is a good fit for your company’s security needs.


Security cameras are constantly undergoing updates and improvements to the technology they’re built on. Staying up to date on the latest advancements can make the difference between having an outdated system or one that functions effectively to protect your business and deter crime. From security camera features to storage options to remote monitoring, being knowledgeable about the security needs of your company will help you make informed decisions about what technological advancements are must-haves. If you have questions about the specific ways that a particular change in security camera technology could benefit your company, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At datanet IT, we pride ourselves on being professional security camera installers with the knowledge and expertise to help make sure that you have absolute confidence in your cameras and the benefits they will bring to your large business. Oh and by the way, we are offering free mobile viewing solutions for your smart phone with each purchase.

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