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Content Development
Don't know what to post on your digital signs? We will give you ideas or develop your content for you.
Structured Cabling
Leave the cabling to the experts. datanet AV is a professional structured cabling contractor that can handle all your AV cabling needs.
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Get a service level agreement with on-going support for your software and hardware.
Limitless Applications
No matter how or where you want to use the latest in audio and video solutions, we can help you design customized systems to meet all your needs.

Solutions For All Types of Business Challenges

SOLUTION: Strategically place digital signage that can be updated in real-time. Multiple displays through an area can be used to provide alerts, maps to the best exit routes and other instructions that will allow people to immediately take action and avoid unnecessary panic or concern.

SOLUTION: Digital signage is highly effective because it employs the same screens that people are naturally attracted to and uses them to display highly-targeted content that is both informative and entertaining. Special promotions, sales and services can be promoted in a way that connects with consumers, which means a better ROI over other forms of marketing and advertising.

Modern video walls feature screens with bezel-free displays, which means that multiple screens can be joined and arranged to create one seamless display. This creates a sleek and easy to read final product.

SOLUTION: Video walls can be built to practically any size and installed in a way that complements existing architecture. By providing an entire wall of screens, businesses can provide a large, easy-to-read display that can be viewed from a distance. Video walls can also be compartmentalized so that different images and information is displayed on different screens. With cutting-edge software, the entire wall can be instantly updated to provide relevant, real-time information.

Solution: In today’s business world, colleagues and collaborators are spread all over the world. This allows for unique partnerships that drive innovation, but it can also make it difficult to communicate and share documents. Corporate AV solutions remove communication barriers and make it possible for everyone to feel like they are in the same room while also easily sharing documents and files.

Solution: Winning over new clients and effectively making the case for your company and your ideas relies heavily on well-designed presentations. Corporate AV solutions allow you to create sophisticated and professional multimedia presentations that go well beyond the limitations of traditional programs.

SOLUTION: Wayfinding tools directly impact and improve the visitor experience. If users have a pleasant experience and are able to quickly and safely navigate your building, they are more likely to make a return visit and react positively to your brand. Simple wayfinding displays can go a long way to making a great first impression and building customer loyalty.

Solution: Control rooms with video walls and AV capabilities allow decision-makers to view real-time information from multiple sources on one display. Providing a centralized location for information provides a comprehensive, big-picture view of what is happening so that managers can quickly make informed decisions.

Solution: Whether you are monitoring a college campus or a large office building, it can be difficult to maintain an accurate view of what is happening with personnel, processes, buildings and other important factors. Control rooms that are equipped with the right video equipment can allow for accurate monitoring and unbeatable situational awareness.

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Years of professional experience in the Corporate AV industry. As an A-to-Z solution provider, we can provide sales to post-purchase support!

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