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HP strives “to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere-every person every organization and every community around the globe.” Datanet IT can equip your company with servers, workstations, printers, peripherals, backlink strength, and partner strength. Take your business to the next level with HP!

Product Focus

Servers / Workstations / Printers / Peripherals / Displays

HP Proliant

What is your server bottleneck....storage, processing, expansion? No matter the bottleneck, HP servers can help.


The Envy model offers the key components for an entertainment hub: a set of ideal specs, bolstered by a modern Intel Core i5 CPU, and fast graphics courtesy of the Nvidia GTX 1650. It can readily handle 4K video playback, and modern applications running HD resolutions (1080p) on medium settings. A 1TB (1000GB) hard drive provides plenty of storage for movies, music and games, while a separate and speedier 256GB SSD keeps your PC boot times to a minimum.

HP Office Jet Pro 9025

HP Printers are known worldwide, and the name is equal with quality. HP focus has been to create technology that makes life better for everyone in all walks of life. They have designed products which can reach every person in every organization around the world. With such a global it’s not surprising that they are so recognized. They take seriously the need to invent and reinvent their products to engineer experiences that amaze people. Consequently, they have made some of the best printing products.

HP has expanded its peripheral catalog with its recent acquisition of HyperX and their award-winning product portfolio. Products designed for work, home and those who enjoy gaming will find the ideal peripherals they need for the ultimate setup. Just contact us at datanet IT and we would be glad to help you find the best options.