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Control Rooms

Benefits of Audio-Video in Control Rooms

Situational Awareness
Operators need to stay vigilant and alert so that they are prepared to act at a moment’s notice. Achieving a high level of situational awareness requires an accurate picture of the current condition of processes, equipment, and personnel, along with other key performance indicators.
Real-Time Information
When events start to unfold, they require a real-time response. Enjoy early warnings and real-time information that will allow experts to diagnose problems, take corrective actions, and mitigate any damage.
Simultaneous Display of Information
View all the information you need, from any type of source, including: computers, video, networked applications, security cameras, etc. for a comprehensive perspective in a centralized location.
Informed Decision-Making
Instantly share and view important information with all relevant parties so that you can make informed decisions and act quickly when mission-critical operations are at stake.

Technology Options

Displays & Video Walls


Server Racks




Matrix Switchers & Video Processors



We live in a fast-paced business world that shows no signs of slowing down. Control rooms provide a solution that allows your organization to employ the latest technology and effectively monitor facilities, equipment, processes, and personnel in a way that increases efficiency and helps you stay competitive.

The ability to make better decisions comes down to having all the information. With a smarter control room, you and your team will have instant access to real-time information, which means that you will always know exactly what is happening and be able to react accordingly.

Enjoy the latest in hardware and software for high-quality displays that aid in the communication of important information. With crisp, clear displays, vital data can be easily read and digested in order to make quick decisions that can not only improve efficiency, but also address emergencies as they happen.

Whether you want to view information on a video wall or across several monitors, users can customize their experience and view information from a variety of sources all in one centralized location. A more comprehensive view of multiple channels and various aspects of the organization is just another key to making faster, more informed decisions.


Protecting people, assets, and facilities is a big responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Establishing a cutting-edge control room that makes it easy to monitor different areas of a building or who is entering and exiting certain restricted access locations can help everyone enjoy a safer environment. Security control rooms also play a vital role in addressing emergencies and troubleshooting facilities malfunctions that could result in injury, damage, and/or loss of assets.

Manufacturing requires that a series of equipment and processes are working at an optimal level. Even the smallest glitch can reduce productivity and put workers in dangerous situations. A fully-equipped control room can detect early warning signs and prevent problems while also tracking areas of the building that may require maintenance. Have a clear view of how everything is functioning is essential to improving efficiency.

No matter what industry you are in, chances are that your business requires the safe storage of certain materials, tools, and final products. Protecting these assets from criminals and making sure that they are stored at an ideal temperature and humidity level is a full-time job. With the right control room setup, you can eliminate risk and ensure that all of your equipment, supplies, and merchandise are fully protected and safely stored.

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