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Data Center Moves and Engineering Lab Relocation

We Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Trust datanet IT for Your Next Data Center Migration or Engineering Lab Relocation

There comes a time in the life of many businesses when you will outgrow your data center or engineering lab. As the amount of data and frequency with which we access it increase, you’re going to need more space and reliable storage to manage it.

During our more than 35 years in business, datanet IT has planned and deployed hundreds of data center migrations and engineering lab relocations. We are proud to offer complete, start to finish solutions for all your lab moves and data center needs. Our team is here to support your data center move from the planning and testing phases to implementation and beyond.

Learn how the dedicated team of experts at datanet IT is equipped to effectively and seamlessly relocate your data center or engineering lab.

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Important Steps for Data Center Migration

We are proud to have teams on both the East Coast and West Coast of the United States ready to move the data centers and engineering laboratories of our clients. Our customers trust us to handle all of the following vital relocation steps.

We document all details, settings, and connections, even if documentation already exists. This allows our team to take responsibility for reassembly and correct operation at the new location.

It is imperative that inventory is accurately recorded during disassembly. As part of the inventory process, each unit and component must be properly staged and labeled. Through mindful grouping of both connectors and peripherals, clients can save time and money.

We ensure the right packaging to safely move each unit. Packaging must be performed in accordance with manufacturer specifications to maintain warranties. Our team will even handle the logistics of your data center relocation and schedule trucks for your move.

Accurate reassembly of the potentially hundreds or thousands of switches, servers, and racks requires a sophisticated approach. This includes everything from physically fitting equipment in its proper place to optimizing your network cabling. Each component is then tested that it is operational.

After your move is completed, it is crucial you confirm all interconnectivity is correct and integration has not been compromised during the process. With so much to do and so many important steps, a data center migration is not something you leave to amateurs. Some of the world’s top technology firms trust datanet IT to accomplish their data center migrations securely and efficiently. Learn how datanet IT can help your business with its next data center migration or laboratory move.

Don’t Make These Data Center Migration Mistakes

Your data is one of the most valuable assets your company has. Count on the experts at datanet IT to avoid costly errors and transport your data center or laboratory safely and effectively. Make sure that your data center migration team pays close attention to these phases.

A lab relocation without a thorough data and software inventory can be a disastrous and costly experience.

An organization should always have a strategy in place and never make assumptions about data center requirements. Failure to do so may cause valuable access to become disorganized or lost.

A structured migration plan and experienced technicians can save your company thousands of dollars in lost time or data.

It is important your data center moving partner identifies risks up front and has a contingency plan for every aspect of your move. Always confirm that secure backups and data archives are in place before beginning your lab relocation.

Always trust a team of experienced technicians when moving your data center or laboratory. An inexperienced team can easily lead to lost or inaccurate data that can have a major impact on the future of your business.

Trust datanet IT for Your Next Data Center Migration

Don’t risk your data by attempting a data center migration yourself. Trust the experienced experts at datanet IT to support you during your next seamless data center migration or engineering lab relocation from start to finish.

Connect with the datanet IT team today to learn how we can provide a soup-to-nuts solution for moving your engineering lab or data center.