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Commercial Surveillance Camera Systems & Access Control

Your Source for Integrated Turn-Key Surveillance Solutions in Silicon Valley

Securing Everyone From Schools to Corporate Headquarters

You can’t be too careful when it comes to the security and safety of your Silicon Valley business and its employees. The biggest mistake many companies and institutions make is a failure to recognize the importance of security. From schools to business headquarters, datanet IT has the latest technology to improve safety at your California location.
Safeguard your people and your assets from lawsuits, intruders, and more with commercial surveillance solutions from datanet IT. Learn how we can keep you ready for potential security challenges through the use of camera or physical access solutions.

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At datanet IT, we are a respected integrator for commercial camera and access control systems for clients in Santa Clara and Silicon Valley. Learn how you can take advantage of the latest technology with datanet IT.
Your One-Stop Solution for Commercial Security Camera Systems
Unlike other providers, we are proud to be both the vendor and installer for all our commercial security camera systems. This is in addition to our access control and security management tools. Thanks to our advanced technology, you can count on datanet IT to minimize threats and provide faster response times. This means quicker de-escalation of situations and a better ability to deal with unexpected events.

Commercial Camera Systems and Access Control Options

Commercial security camera systems and access control equipment has never been more important. In the past, it was difficult to communicate security alerts throughout buildings and campuses. Today, employees can receive instant notifications thanks to real-time text notifications. Notifications can be pushed to digital signs as well.

Regulate Building Access With Per-Person Controls

Access control technology allows businesses to track who enters their building and when. No more 24/7 access to company buildings. With per-person access controls, businesses no longer have to keep track of keys, as building and/or badge access can easily be disabled, improving safety and security while maintaining a more detailed record of visitors.

Upgrade Your Building’s Legacy Security Camera System

Does your business currently use a legacy access control system? If so, then it’s time for an upgrade. Legacy systems can have slow response times to possible security incidents. Installing the latest software enables companies to quickly respond to security issues such as break-ins, open doors, or temperature changes that may signal a fire or flood.

Integrated Systems and Mobile Management Simplify Security

We are proud to offer 100 percent web-based integrated commercial security camera systems. Our security surveillance includes access control systems, intrusion detection systems, and commercial security camera systems. Our mobile security management tools put the power of your surveillance camera system in the palm of your hand. Use our mobile security management solutions from any location through a phone or tablet.
Not only does mobile security management improve productivity, it can also remotely authorize lockdown of a facility.
Find out more about how you can take advantage of mobile security management today.
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Features and Benefits of Our Security Camera Solutions
When you partner with datanet IT for your integrated access control system, you can expect:
  • Intuitive web interface with browser-based, unified management
  • Identity management through ID photo capture and badging
  • Display events and generate customized reporting
  • Customizable monitor displays let users customize security event monitoring in real-time
Integrated mobile security management tools from datanet IT include the following features:
  • Remote management lets you manage your system from any location
  • Central administration sends reports of any actions taken directly to your command center
  • Quick response times enable users to respond to events as they happen

A Custom Security Surveillance System for Every Industry

We are proud to provide customizable security camera solutions ideal for every industry. When you partner with datanet IT, you can trust that your facilities, people, and assets are protected by our comprehensive interior and exterior security camera systems.
Our primary commercial security camera systems include the following:
  • Access control systems through card readers at all points of entry
  • Strategically positioned surveillance camera systems
A combination of the two systems together has proven to be an effective strategy across all industries.
Access control and video monitoring should be a top priority in any industry. This is especially true in areas of finance, education, technology, healthcare, or manufacturing.
Don’t wait until it’s too late to upgrade your security surveillance and access control system. Discover how datanet IT can develop the perfect security camera solution for your industry.
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We understand that surveillance camera and access control systems and are not one-size-fits-all when it comes to your company. That’s why our services start with a thorough security risk assessment and evaluation. Our team explores possible physical and system vulnerabilities to customize the right solution for you. We carefully consider all factors, including the number of visitors, deliveries, and regular staff your business can expect. This allows us to put together a plan tailored to the needs of you and your environment while we ensure that both the interior and exterior of your facility is protected.

No business ever expects an emergency, but they are often unavoidable. Consider these scenarios:

  • Break-ins that lead to vandalism or theft
  • Acts of terrorism with devastating results
  • Data security breaches or down systems
  • Disgruntled employees with plans to harm themselves or others
  • Unstable persons on company property who may cause damage
  • Natural disasters like fires or floods that cameras can detect
When it comes to a security emergency, the best offense is a good defense. That means having a proactive solution to prepare for potential disasters. Businesses should at least have card readers and cameras in place, while employees must be trained in emergency responses. Learn how you can take a proactive stance with your business security when you contact datanet IT.

Here are some of the results you can expect when you partner with datanet IT for your integrated, turn-key security camera solution:

  • Reduced criminal activity
  • Ability to capture events in ultra-low light environments
  • Real-time surveillance and reporting
  • Improved protection for people, structures, data, and other assets
  • Appropriate employee response to security events
  • Reduced risk of workplace violence
  • Less staffing required to enforce security
  • Potentially reduce liability claims
  • Cost-effective security surveillance solutions

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Isn’t it time your company took security seriously? Find quality commercial security camera systems and more from the experts at datanet IT. Contact us today to discuss a customizable security camera system for your Silicon Valley facility.

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