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4 Perks to Wireless Business Security Cameras


Wireless Security Cameras

One of the biggest security camera advancements


There is a whole spectrum of wireless security cameras on the market today, and they encompass many of the latest and greatest features for surveillance cameras. 

Each type of wireless security camera has different pros and cons, and it can be helpful to start by doing some basic research on the major ways that wireless security cameras differ from their wired counterparts.  However, there are several key perks to wireless security cameras that hold true no matter what specific camera you ultimately choose.  We’ve identified four of the biggest benefits to wireless business security cameras for your reference so that you can make an informed decision about what type of camera is the best fit for your business.

  1. Compatibility with Digital Storage Options

One of the challenges that old-school security camera systems used to face was how to store the footage that was recorded.  Older analog video cameras typically recorded their video feeds onto a TV screen or other recording device like a DVR.  That meant that physical storage space was needed for all of the tapes—and later, DVDs—that contained the recorded footage.  It was a hassle for companies to not only maintain physical storage space but to also have to invest staff time in cataloging the footage and keeping everything organized.  Video files often ended up corrupted and unusable, lessening the efficacy of the security camera system in performing its intended duties.

As camera technology has advanced, so have the storage options.  Digital or cloud storage has become a viable storage solution, and the streamlined result of security camera footage being automatically uploaded to an internet storage location has won many fans.  Wireless cameras are almost certain to be compatible with digital storage options, as the cameras are designed to work via internet connection (either wireless or Ethernet).  If you’re looking to take advantage of digital storage options, wireless cameras are likely to give you the type of integration you’re looking for between cameras and storage system. 

  1. Flexibility in Installation

This one might seem obvious, but it bears mentioning: wireless security cameras free up your options when it comes to where they can be installed.  Because there are wireless cameras that are entirely self-contained, including a power source, that means that they can be installed in locations where wires would not be able to be run.  This can be particularly useful if you want exterior surveillance cameras or if you need to cover areas that are not wired for electricity.  It’s still a good idea to talk to a professional security camera installer before choosing a camera to make sure that it will actually meet all of your needs for that location, but there is certainly something to be said for knowing that you can now put cameras anywhere you want.






  1. Remote Monitoring Availability

Because wireless security cameras are likely to be integrated with a digital interface, they open up new remote monitoring options for you.  Depending on your setup, you can view camera feeds from anywhere in the world, review footage from your cell phone, get notifications via text, email, or app that let you know when unusual activity occurs, and much more.  There are incredible benefits to remote monitoring, and wireless cameras tend to be superior to analog cameras when it comes to their ability to provide remote access. 

Remote monitoring is becoming a must-have for business security, and wireless cameras help set you up for success.  If you’re not sure whether remote monitoring is actually vital for your company, check with your security camera installer.  Chances are good that they’ll tell you that there are a ton of benefits to remote monitoring and that you want cameras that you know will integrate seamlessly.  Wireless cameras are a great choice for this reason even if you aren’t interested in fully implementing remote monitoring right now.  By selecting the right camera for the job, it keeps your options open for future upgrades or system changes.

  1. Constantly Expanding Options

Technology rapidly becomes obsolete and incompatible these days, and it’s important to consider the potential longevity of your security camera system.  Many of the cutting-edge advancements in security camera technology are being designed with wireless security cameras in mind.  As time goes on, wireless security cameras are likely to have more and more options available with regards to accessories, new integrations, and upgraded features, while wired cameras will probably become less and less compatible.  Investing in wireless security cameras now might save you a boatload of trouble down the road since you can bet that new technology will be created with your cameras in mind.


Wireless security cameras are at the forefront of security technology.  In spite of the fact that they used to be pale imitations of their wired counterparts in terms of quality and features, they have now become a legitimate option.  Wireless cameras have several unique perks that even give them a bit of an advantage over wired cameras, including their compatibility with digital storage options, their ability to integrate with newer technology, and the ongoing innovation that continually improves the technology they rely on.  If you’re looking for the best security cameras for your business, wireless security cameras might be a good fit.  If you have specific questions about the benefits of wireless security cameras and how they might meet your business’s security needs, get in touch with us and we can help you determine if they are the right camera for the job!

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