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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Security Camera System


 Commercial Security Camera System Benefits You Have to Know of

 There are a few things you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of your security cameras


Okay, so you’ve done it: you’ve committed to buying commercial security cameras for your business.  You’ve found a reputable installer, decided on what cameras are the best fit for your business, and now you’re left wondering if that’s all there is to it. The answer is both yes and no.  No, you don’t have to do anything else once you’ve got your surveillance camera system installed and running.  Yes, you can do a few more things to really get the most out of your system.

We discuss many of the benefits of buying commercial security cameras in other articles.  They include everything from increasing workflow and productivity to reducing crime. , ranging from the common-sense to the unorthodox.  Here are four of our favorite ways that you can maximize the benefits of your commercial security camera system.

  1. Get Familiar with Your Camera Settings

This seems like common sense, but you’d be amazed how many people don’t read the instruction manual!  Security cameras these days are equipped with a wide variety of features, and it’s important to know how to keep your system functioning optimally. 

You can often change the frame rate that the camera is set to record it in order to decrease the amount of storage space you need (more frames per second mean a smoother video, but it also means more storage space).  It’s helpful to play around with the frame rate to see what works best for your needs.  You should be able to find a good balance between the frames-per-second rate and how much storage space you want to maintain.

You can also play around with having your cameras record continuously or only when they detect motion.  Knowing how to adjust this setting yourself can simplify things if you want to test a different approach or need to update your security camera system prior to a large event, the office is closed, or to test a new security procedure.  

If you’re not confident in your ability to tweak things after buying commercial security cameras for your business, that’s okay too.  Just give us, datanet IT, a call and we can walk you through the basics and help you adjust your settings until the camera system runs exactly how you want it!

  1. Explore Possible Insurance Discounts

Buying commercial surveillance cameras can earn insurance discounts in multiple ways.  The obvious one is by saving you the hassle and expense of filing claims due to crime or vandalism at your business.  With security cameras proven to reduce crime by up to 50%, you can cut your chances of needing to file a claim in half, which means your premiums don’t go up—and more money stays in your pocket.

However, you might not realize that some insurance providers offer up-front discounts on your premium if you have commercial security cameras installed.  The discount is generally calculated as a flat percentage, and the amount varies depending on the insurance company and the type of security system you have.  Be sure to call your insurance provider and inquire about whether they offer discounts so you don’t miss out!






  1. Pay Attention to All of the Footage—Even if It’s Not Related to Security!

When most people buy commercial security camera systems, they’re focused on monitoring the footage for security purposes.  That’s fine and good, but don’t lose sight of the non-security footage as well!  Many businesses have been able to leverage footage they’ve captured on their security cameras for marketing campaigns, and several companies have gone viral.  Everything from employee’s acts of kindness to hilarious animal encounters has been captured by surveillance cameras. 

If you are able to find any funny or heartwarming moments that are captured by your security cameras, think about how you can use that footage to gain increased exposure for your company!  It’s a double win; your business gets free or low-cost marketing, and the whole world becomes very aware of the fact that you have high-quality commercial security cameras on the premises.  The customers you want to attract will quickly show up, and potential criminals will be sure to steer clear.

  1. Gain Insight Into Customer Habits

If you’re paying attention, your security camera system can give you valuable information about what goes on in your business throughout the day.  One way that business owners have capitalized on this new level of awareness if by tracking customer shopping patterns to see what aisles and walkways get the most traffic or if there are any points in the layout that get congested. 

Once you’ve got that information, you can adapt your business for maximum success!  Place advertisements or specials where you know the most traffic will be, and make sure the layout of your store is optimized for ease of use.  If you are strategic about implementing the information you gather from your cameras, you’ll be able to improve the overall customer experience.  One California storeowner used this strategy and successfully reduced customer wait times by half and simultaneously increased the impact of his marketing campaigns.


Buying a commercial security camera system opens up a world of possibilities for your company.  With a little creativity, you can put your surveillance cameras to work for you in all kinds of unique ways!  The right security camera system will be able to do a lot more than just capture video of your company; it can double as a marketing strategy, boost worker productivity, and save you money in multiple ways.

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