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Datanet IT Launches Brand-New Audio-Visual Division


The company is stepping up to meet market demand for an audio-visual company that can handle complex technology issues

datanet IT, a leader in providing cutting-edge IT services and solutions with headquarters in California and an one in North Carolina, is excited to announce their entrance into the digital signage and AV market with the launch of datanet AV. This new audio video company is dedicated to providing the best in fully integrated AV solutions that use the latest technology and innovative approaches to connect with audiences, streamline communication and ensure success.

For over three decades, datanet IT has worked to provide clients, who range from small businesses to enterprises, with intelligent solutions and ongoing support that allow them to remain competitive. The same level of expertise and excellent customer service can be found in datanet AV. As digital signage technology and other audio/visual solutions become an increasingly pervasive technology in boardrooms, retail locations and in practically every other aspect of the business world, datanet AV emerged as an organic extension of the parent company.

datanet AV offers a wide range of audio/visual solutions, making it a truly comprehensive source for the best in hardware, software and professional services. Clients can rely on datanet AV for everything from designing and installing digital signage displays and custom AV cabling projects to content creation and post-sale services that will keep systems up-to-date and fully functional. While other businesses tend to focus on niche services, datanet AV is capable of providing a full suite of services, which allows clients to turn to a trusted source for all their needs and form a lasting relationship.

“At datanet AV, we believe that there is unlimited potential for innovative audio and visual solutions to transform businesses across all industries,” states AV Director Robert Kreysa. “Our experienced team is poised to become a leader in providing companies with customized A/V solutions that reimagine previously accepted boundaries and we are excited to see what the future holds for datanet AV and our partners.”

About datanet AV:
With over 30 years of experience working in the IT industry, we have helped countless companies navigate significant changes in technology and successfully address new challenges. As digital signage, audio and conference room technology continues to reshape marketing, advertising, and communications, we remain at the forefront and provide customers with the latest solutions that allow them to innovate in a highly competitive business world.

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