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Discover the Benefits of Voice over IP and CRM Integration


Learn Benefits of Voice over IP and CRM Integration

This integration creates a data exchange in which information is seamlessly collected and real-time analytics are available on demand to the organization


As more businesses rely on customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to track critical leads and customer activity, the capability for Voice over IP integration from your provider is a must-have. As more businesses rely on customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to track critical leads and customer activity, the capability for Voice over IP integration from your provider is a must-have. This integration creates a data exchange in which information is seamlessly collected and real-time analytics are available on demand to the organization. This sophistication is critical for companies in a competitive marketplace and no longer optional for leaders planning to succeed.

When you have compatibility between your current Voice over IP system and leading CRMs such as Zendesk and Salesforce, you have a solution to critical data and real-time analytics to support positive marketing efforts and increased overall sales.

A reliable cloud-based phone system and CRM integration among leading providers prove out in a number of valid benefits for new small to midsize business entities. 

  1. Extreme UX

Organizations can predict their customers’ needs on demand. With a successful CRM/VoIP integration, you can generate caller profiles while a conversation is taking place. The customer receives an extreme user experience (UX) while you retrieve valuable customer data that can continually improve relationships and develop into long-term rapport.

With the right data about your leads such as website traffic, product interests, purchasing history, support call detail, and more, you are able to offer a custom, personal solution to meet ongoing customer needs. This, in turn, creates customer loyalty and satisfaction.

When you have the customer data you need at your fingertips because of high-end Voice over IP and CRM integration, you offer your audience the user experiences they expect in today’s market.

  1. Zero-Gap Analytics

Small and mid-size company marketing groups rely on CRM data to study their customers’ behaviors and create relevant marketing personas to blend with winning campaign strategies. With the right reporting, you can begin to attract leads and transform them into customers. The only way to do it is through zero-gap analytics in which the migration from marketing to sales is a given. Conversion is certain and revenues are bound to increase.

When Voice over IP call data is highly accessible, there is little margin for error in a marketing campaign that is specifically designed to reach your audience. Not only that, you have the ability to understand what is effective and how your customers respond to their experiences with your company. With zero-gap analytics, you take the guesswork out of customer satisfaction and capitalize on the opportunity to make improvements as you need them.

  1. Call Data in Real Time

 With informative call data in real time, you depend on customer communications that open new doors for attracting leads and converting them. Gone are the days of manual notetaking and parsing through mega spreadsheet records. Your Voice over IP and CRM integration produces live call logs including every detail of your call, and a reliable provider solution will allow you to record conversations and store valid information within your customer database for future filtering. You have on-demand access to the data you need to be successful in your marketing and sales efforts. When you require valuable call data for your decision-making, an effective integration will give you specific media information, useful time stamps, repeated customer purchasing patterns, and more.

  1. Automated Efficiencies

 A robust cloud-based VoIP phone and CRM integration offer automated efficiencies, unlike anything we’ve used in previous decades. Capturing and tapping viable data is automated and streamlined in a minimal touchpoint model that increases productivity, improves user experiences, and saves time that can be carefully used for other key marketing tasks. Access certain types of data when you need it, and tweak it to expose the specific relevant details you require with little to no margin for error.

  1. Improved Leadership Tools

 Leaders have an internal edge when the right integration tools are used for obtaining in-house user metrics. Forecasting, staffing, work distribution, and overall company improvements are an integral part of the day due to current VoIP and CRM integration technology. Making optimized decisions based on factual, relevant data leads to lower-stress leadership roles and greater internal productivity. 

 Finding Success in a Voice over IP and CRM Integration

 Success in Voice over IP and CRM integration solutions is often achieved by the diverse opportunities available from your phone provider. When you work with high-end companies that depend on leading Voice over IP and CRM platforms, compatibility issues are minimal and implementation is simple. The Mitel MiVoice Office 250 Solution offers the perfect blend of communication and collaboration technology to drive efficiencies and keep costs at a minimum. MiVoice Office 250 is a flexible digital IP system that integrates with 16 leading CRMs to benefit small to mid-sized businesses:

 Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Internet Explorer
 Microsoft Outlook (XP-2016) NetSuite
 NetSuite CRM+ 2014.1 Office 365
 Sage CRM Salesforce.com
Sugar CRMSwiftpage (Sage) Act!
Swiftpage (Sage) SalesLogixTigerpaw
ZendeskZoho CRM

Award-winning communications solutions are one of the best ways to ensure synchronization between your customers and your critical data. Whether you are a startup business or a small enterprise ready for a system upgrade, a compatible Voice over IP and CRM alternative is essential. Not only that, a versatile phone provider will offer integration solutions with other CRMs not listed here.

The Mitel difference is based on “a better, simpler way to interact.” When you find the right Voice over IP solutions to accommodate your specific business needs along with a well-known provider who is proven in the field, your decision for essential Voice over IP and CRM integration gets easier. Extreme UX, zero-gap analysis, call data in real time, automated efficiencies, and improved leadership tools should be at the top of your priority list in order for your business to be a success in the years to come as technology evolves. Take a look at MiVoice Office 250 before you make the choice in a high-end Voice over IP system. Does your phone system integrate with your CRM? Mitel Phone Manager may be the solution you are looking for.