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Exploring the difference between commercial and consumer grade display panels for Digital Signage


If you are in the market for captivating “display” panels, there are some significant differences between what you need for your digital signage in a commercial environment and for a private home theatre.

Commercial and consumer display panels have animation and allure in common, but that’s about it! While the visual outcomes are indeed similar looking and there are great advantages to both, the engineering behind the scenes for each type of display panel is not what you would expect.

Commercial Display Panel

Commercial display systems that find their way into malls, businesses, airports, and hospitals or high on urban billboards are made for large-scale viewing and have high-end features for remote transformational content control and versatile installation. Some features to look for in a commercial display system to promote your business or communicate your digital message include:

  • Designed for extreme durability to withstand the elements in public places
  • Uses video electronics standards association (VESA) mounting capabilities
  • Offers both portrait and landscape display modes as well as in-plane switching (IPS) for wide angle viewing
  • Designed for extensive operating hours including internal thermal properties to control heat
  • Compatible with computers and devices for simple operation
  • Set up for full-scale luminance (or brightness)
  • Accommodates wide, TV, and video resolutions
  • Expect to expand or integrate components for display improvements
  • Supports multiple display options and RS232 control from desired computer devices
  • Saves in long-run costs in terms of durability and maintenance and expect a solid warranty

When you need a commercial display system, the value in long operating hours, tamper-resistance, versatile mounting options, and anti burn-in properties for image retention are the types of features you need to support your long-term display needs.

Commercial display systems often provide full remote device control, speakers systems, and touchscreen options based on your needs. While you may invest more in a commercial system, over time your cost savings are notable. In fact, your use of a consumer display panel in a commercial environment voids its warranty and replacement or repair becomes impossible.

Commercial digital signage is a new tool for high-stakes marketing. Take a look at datanet AV’s solutions for commercial signage, and you see flexibility that you just won’t get in a consumer display system.

Consumer Display Panel

When you are seeking a consumer display panel for your home, office, or gym, you may not need all of the properties of a large-scale commercial system. Consumer-rated systems are high performing for their environment but package with fewer features and simpler properties and installation requirements. You get the traditional features in that of a sophisticated television system but nothing extraordinary. Here’s what to expect:

  • Standard image technology
  • No control elements for public outdoor viewing
  • Self-mounting and simple construction may not meet compliance requirements of a commercial option
  • Portrait options are minimal with consumer grade products
  • Designed to withstand short runtime hours with no built-in cooling options
  • Compatible with few computer devices
  • Luminance and resolution are limited to standard TV and video
  • Looping, control, and multiple display configurations are minimal
  • Generally void of warranty; possibly 90-days at best

While consumer display panels stand up to some fairly complicated challenges, there is a fine balance between high-end commercial systems and basic retail display panel models. Evaluate your needs before you select a system that may be not compatible with the results you desire.

How Will You Use Your Display Panel System?

While the commercial and consumer display panel systems differ greatly, how you plan to use your system will help you decide where to invest. It is a new era for digital signage, and small and large businesses alike are expected to spend upwards of $13.8 billion in 2017 on this medium. Companies are getting creative in how they want to send their messages across the globe, and they are using display panel technology to do it. The industries benefitting most from digital signage today include food and beverage, entertainment, retail, health services, and transportation, to name a few.

When you consider how a commercial display panel system can be used for public marketing campaigns, you recognize some key values that you may want to incorporate into your enterprise. Not only can you increase your leads through highly visible content, but you also create customer experiences that today’s consumers are seeking. In turn, social sharing is a huge benefit to your business.

Working With a Reputable Display Panel Supplier

At datanet AV, we partner with industry leaders for the manufacture and supply of state-of-the-art display panels and digital signage products. We stand behind a team of experienced engineers that know what digital products suit both consumer and commercial needs. We ask the right questions in order to determine your unique needs and provide a strategy for your success. With datanet AV, you’ve found a reputable display panel supplier with a commitment to customer service, superior workmanship, and the best display panel parts and materials on the market.  

Count on datanet AV as your Digital Signage solution providers for high-end display panel systems to meet your challenges, small and large. Our signage and display solutions are designed to take your business into new territories. Contact us at (408) 684-9100.