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Four Benefits to Remote Monitoring Using Business Security Camera


Using Business Security Camera Remote Monitoring is Beneficial to Your Business

Be present through your Security Cameras

You might think that you’ve got a solid grasp of the reasons why business security cameras are a good investment for your business.  After all, it seems pretty straightforward, right? You get the cameras, they help deter crime, and your business is safer. The reality is that there are actually many different ways that commercial security cameras can benefit your company.  With the addition of remote monitoring capabilities that allow you to review security camera footage when you’re not on the premises opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  

  1. Peace of Mind When You’re Away

This seems basic, but it’s really one of the biggest benefits to remote monitoring of your business via security cameras.  Just think: no more worrying about a door getting left open after you leave for the day, no more stress over whether the store is opened on time when you’re away, and no more question about whether your workers are doing what they need to do to keep things running smoothly.  With remote monitoring, you’re able to check the footage from any place at any time.  On vacation in Bali and want to check in on your business? No problem! As a business professional, the well being of your company is a top priority, and it can be challenging to step away for any length of time if you aren’t positive that your business will be taken care of appropriately in your absence.  Put your security cameras to work for you and utilize their remote monitoring capabilities to give yourself peace of mind no matter where you are.

  1. Observe How Customers Interact With Your Store At All Times

With remote monitoring, you can use your security cameras to check in on what your customers are up to at any point in time.  Even if you’re away on a business trip or stuck in meetings across town all day, you’ll be able to watch customer traffic and engagement at any time.  This can be especially helpful if you’re managing multiple stores and want to see how one store is comparing to another in real time.  If you’re observing an interesting trend in the store that you’re physically in, you can pull up the security feeds for another store location to see whether they’re experiencing something similar.  This gives you the ability to tailor how you run each store location based on the unique patterns you’re observing, and can also give you a head start on identifying new trends or opportunities to standardize practices that improve the customer experience.

  1. Check In With Your Staff

Remote monitoring via your business security cameras opens up an opportunity for you to check in on how your staff are doing throughout the day (and night, depending on your business).  Now, we’re not advocating that you micromanage your staff using your security cameras.  However, it can be useful if you’re implementing a new security protocol or customer service process to ensure that you can follow up with staff who are struggling to adhere to the change.  Using business security cameras to remotely monitor employees is quickly becoming the standard industry best practice according to a study by the American Management Association’s Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance Report.  They found that 82% of managers are using technology to monitor employees in the workplace, and that number is only going to increase in coming years.  You can use your business security cameras and remote monitoring to make sure that your staff are following proper protocols even in your absence.  With that knowledge, you can then follow up with staff who need additional support or training in order for them to meet your company’s standards.






  1. Remotely Monitor Potential Threats to Your Building

There’s been crazy weather happening across the globe in recent months and years.  From wildfires to flooding to earthquakes to blizzards, there are numerous ways that Mother Nature can cause problems for businesses.  With remote monitoring, you can keep an eye on how your business (specifically the building itself) is holding up in inclement weather without having to physically go there.  As long as the camera system is operational, you’ll be able to remotely monitor if your building is sustaining damage or if it’s in the clear.  This knowledge can help prevent you from having to risk your life to check things out in-person, and in the event that there’s damage you’ll get that information sooner rather than later so you can start any insurance claims you need to.  Having remote information about the physical status of your business can also give you real-time information about whether it’s appropriate or safe to keep the business open and have employees report for their shifts or if you need to close things down until the situation clears up.


There are countless ways that business security cameras can protect your business and make your life easier.  The remote monitoring capabilities of many commercial security camera systems these days are a huge benefit to business owners and security professionals alike.  With a little bit of strategic planning on your part about how best to utilize remote monitoring, you’ll be on your way to a safer, more efficient business in no time!

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