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How to Assess Your Business Security Needs


An Installer Can Help You Determine What Your Security Needs Are

Getting the right security camera system for your business can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your company safe. 

However, knowing how to properly assess your business security needs can seem daunting.  Where do you start?  What do you need to pay attention to?  How can you make sure you’re getting a security camera system that will meet your needs?

We’ve compiled three of our top tips for assessing your business security needs in one handy article.  No matter if you’re just beginning to think about what security needs your business has or if you’re in the final stages of purchasing a security camera package and just want to make sure you didn’t overlook anything, these tips will help ensure you get the right business security cameras for the job!

  1. Do a walkthrough of your whole business.

You can’t assess your business security needs if you don’t know exactly what you’re working with!  Walk through your entire business with fresh eyes.  Start at the exterior edge of your property—a parking lot, adjacent road, or sidewalk are common starting places.  Look at your business from this exterior vantage point and ask yourself what a potential criminal would see.  Are there a lot of doors?  Are the doors visibly secured via access pads, or are they kept unlocked?  How many windows are there?  How visible are the entry points from the main road (i.e., could someone driving by notice and report a break-in)?  These are all factors that potential criminals will look at, and having a good idea of what you’re working with will help you determine the type of security package that is best for your business.

Once you’ve done a sweep of the exterior of the building, repeat the process with the interior.  Again, you’re looking for the different places that somebody might be able to gain unauthorized access to your business.  Make note of the security measures that you already have in place, along with any areas that you feel are not up to par.

Doing a comprehensive walkthrough of your business will give you valuable information about what your security needs are.  You’ll be able to start mentally mapping out where it would make the most sense to place security cameras and whether there are other security features that would benefit your business.  That knowledge will allow you to articulate to a security company exactly what you’re looking for and what unique aspects of your business might need specific accommodations.  If this task seems intimidating, have a professional do it. It’s free and it will set your mind at ease.

  1. Analyze any internal risks.

When people think about security needs for their business, they typically default to thinking about an outside party breaking into the building.  However, it is crucial to also analyze what internal risks your business needs to mediate.  Look at the daily habits of your employees and consider whether they are unintentionally creating security risks.  Are secure areas limited to authorized personnel?  Are staff ensuring that tailgating through doors doesn’t happen?  Are security processes and protocols being followed? 

Being aware of the possible internal security risks in your business puts you in a better position to be able to proactively address those concerns.  Once you’ve identified the issue(s), you can then be intentional about addressing internal security gaps with your security system.






  1. Rank your security needs based on priority level.

If you’ve done a full walkthrough of your business and also examined the internal risks, it might start to feel a little overwhelming.  There are often numerous security issues that any given company will face, but it’s important to remember that not all security needs are created equal.  For example, an exterior door that is tucked away at the back of the building with no security cameras on it might be a higher priority to address than a front desk that has multiple security cameras watching it but could use another one from a different angle. 

Go through all of the security issues and needs that you’ve identified and rank them based on their priority level.  As you’re going down the list, also be thinking about what potential security solutions you might want to ask about related to your needs.  Completing this ranking process will help clarify what security needs your business has that need to be addressed immediately and which security needs are relatively minor and can wait to be fixed.


Professional security camera systems and other security solutions can work wonders when it comes to protecting your company, but to get the most out of them you need to be able to accurately assess what your business security needs are.  By doing a walkthrough of your entire business, analyzing internal security risks, and ranking your security needs based on priority level, you’ll be in a great position to clearly communicate with a security company about your needs.  Professional commercial security camera installers will also be able to assist you with clarifying any additional security needs you might have overlooked, and a quality security company will be able to advise you on what solutions will give you the best results.


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