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How to Get Buy-In For Security Cameras From Management


Secure Your Ability To Get Security Cameras For Your Business

Learn the reasons that your company should have security cameras

If you’re looking to purchase security cameras, then you probably already know that a business security camera system is one of the best ways to bolster your company’s security. However, you might sometimes need to convince management that security cameras are necessary, and it’s important to be able to articulate the specific reasons why a business security camera system is a good investment. By having a clear understanding of the benefits of security cameras, you’ll be in a better position to answer questions that management may have about why you are investing in a surveillance system.

In this article, we’ll walk you through three of the big reasons why security cameras are a phenomenal investment for all businesses. If you’re running into resistance from management about whether to support purchasing a security camera system, these three reasons are going to be a powerful way for you to convince management of the impact that business security cameras can have.

1. Security cameras are proven to reduce crime and help law enforcement solve cases.

It’s a proven fact that security cameras help deter criminals and reduce crime rates. There are nearly 300 million thefts from businesses every year, and that number rises substantially if you include other types of crime. Research has shown that installing a security camera system results in crime reductions of up to 50%, which is a massive shift! Studies done with burglars also found that the majority of the burglars would look for a different target if they noticed the presence of security cameras. From those numbers alone, it’s clear that a business security camera system is a worthwhile investment that will benefit your company many times over. Even law enforcement officers recognize the value of businesses investing in security cameras. One detective in Philadelphia put it bluntly and said, “Video surveillance cameras deter crimes like burglary, armed robbery, employee theft, vandalism, and murder.”  

Additionally, security cameras are one of the best tools available to law enforcement in the event that a crime does occur. They provide hard evidence that can be used to build a case, they ensure 24/7 surveillance, and they can prove or disprove what suspects or witnesses claim happened. Investing in a security camera system is one of the best ways to make sure that law enforcement has what they need to be able to catch the criminals and hold them accountable if your business is ever targeted. If you’re trying to persuade management that business security cameras are a valuable addition to your security infrastructure, let the data and quotes from actual police officers do the convincing for you. It’s hard to argue against hard numbers and testimonials from crime experts!

2. Business security cameras can increase your company’s efficiency.

When most people think about the possible benefits of buying security cameras, they tend to picture how the security cameras will prevent crime. However, security cameras are also an excellent way to gain insight into how your company operates and to get new data points on customer behavior. For example, you can check how the workflow is being managed by employees and make adjustments as necessary for maximum efficiency or provide additional support to employees who may need it. It’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to use digital monitoring tools to track employee performance and improve productivity. 86% of managers are now using some form of electronic surveillance in the workplace, according to research done by the American Management Association’s Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance Report. Investing in a business security camera system will help keep your company on track with management best practices for ensuring top employee performance.

Customer habits can also be understood in a different way if you have surveillance cameras. It is becoming more and more common for companies to use their security camera system to monitor how customers navigate the business and then utilize that information to strategically alter the layout of the 

space. For example, one business owner in San Francisco adjusted his store layout and advertising placement after tracking traffic patterns in his store by using his security cameras. After making those changes, he cut his customers’ average wait time in half and received a better return on the advertising due to tailoring his displays based on customer behavior. It is never a bad thing to have access to more data on what your customers want and how you can improve their experience, and investing in security cameras gives you powerful new insight into exactly that.






3. Security cameras can help identify additional security needs.

Security cameras are a unique tool in that they are both proactive and reactive when it comes to protecting your business. They are proactive in that they help to deter crime before it happens, and reactive in that they provide evidence to solve crimes if they do occur. One of the proactive aspects of security cameras that is often not discussed is their ability to help identify other security needs that your business might have. This can range from employees needing additional training on existing safety and security protocols to noticing that people are gaining unauthorized access to your company. Investing in a security camera system gives you the ability to observe these types of security gaps and address them before they are exploited by criminals.


A professional business security camera system is one of the soundest investments you can make in protecting your company. Surveillance cameras not only deter crime, but they also can help improve your company’s efficiency and help proactively identify additional security needs. Purchasing a business security camera system provides a massive return on the initial investment, and it is an investment that produces undeniable results. Even if you have management staff who are initially resistant to the idea of investing in security cameras, by laying out the evidence in this article you’ll be able to build a strong case for why your company needs security cameras.

If you have questions about the specifics of why a security camera system is a good investment for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. As a professional security camera installer, datanet IT has the knowledge and expertise to help make sure that you have absolute confidence that your new security camera system is a good investment that you will reap the rewards of for years to come. We can help strategize and ease any remaining concerns that management has regarding investing in a security system so that you are able to move forward and ensure that your business is protected without delay.

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