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Sanitation Kiosks are a Return-to-Work Solution to Keep Customers and Employees Safe

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What is your business or school doing to adapt to the “new normal” of COVID-19? Recommendations from state and federal governments have businesses doing everything they can to keep employees and customers safe while restoring confidence that has been shaken by the coronavirus. That means closely following the recommended precautions by OSHA and the CDC.

Some businesses and schools are limiting the number of customers, employees, or students allowed in buildings to encourage social distancing. Other businesses are taking temperatures before people can enter buildings to prevent the spread of the virus. We are also seeing an increase in the use of face masks and hand sanitizer.

These are all valuable steps worth taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, putting these practices in action can be impractical, impact productivity, and put employees at unnecessary risk.

Thankfully, datanet AV has an affordable and convenient solution to better protect staff, customers, and students. Learn more about the sanitizer kiosk and how it can help your company better manage coronavirus concerns today.

Sanitation Kiosks Offer Total Safely Back-to-Work Solutions

The sanitation kiosk is an innovative solution that includes four separate sanitation best practices in one convenient package. These considerations include temperature checks, digital signage, handwashing, and PPE.

By strategically placing a unit at a building entrance, businesses can offer all of these important services to customers the moment they walk through the door.

A well-placed sanitation kiosk helps customers feel more comfortable in stores and creates an experience that is both safer and more secure for everyone. And it’s more than just retailers and their customers that benefit from sanitation stations.

Some of the greatest benefits are being seen in large businesses, schools, universities, and medical facilities. In fact, touchless kiosks have already been installed at prominent universities like the College of William & Mary as well as public school systems such as the Richmond County school system in North Carolina.

By installing the touchless sanitation kiosks at building entrances, these facilities can better monitor students and communicate campus health protocols clearly and effectively. But what are the other measures included in a sanitation kiosk, how do they work, and how can they help your business?

Infrared Temperature Sensor Catches Fevers First

The first step to combatting the spread of the virus is catching potentially infected persons before they can infect others. This is especially true when it comes to employees returning to the office or students returning to school. More often than not, people are unaware of the early signs of a fever. We see this every flu season when a well-meaning colleague shows up to work with a bad case of the sniffles.

Infrared temperature checks are a safe, respectful, and noninvasive way to inform employees, customers, and students if and when they have a fever. The person can then be politely asked to return home to recuperate. The temperature check uses an infrared scan of a person’s forehead to gauge their external body temperature.

Infrared temperature measurements through the sanitary kiosk take less than a third of a second, allowing visitors to quickly determine if they are running a fever and whether or not they can enter the building.

Greet & Inform Visitors and Staff with No Contact Required

Another important step in preventing the spread of disease is to spread accurate information. This includes encouraging social distancing as well as informing visitors and staff of company policies. A high resolution, 1080P touchless display is front and center on the kiosk to provide clear instructions and relay essential information. The display can also be adjusted for digital signage to promote company products or charitable initiatives.

What’s more, digital signage through the kiosk is fast and simple with the LG WebOS display. Messaging and graphics can be developed to share important information about COVID-19, so companies can be confident employees and customers have the information they need. And uploading custom graphics, adjusting layouts, and making adjustments is fast and intuitive thanks to the easy to learn web interface.

Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizer Station

Another crucial step in combatting COVID-19 that everyone should know by now is the importance of washing your hands. When handwashing isn’t possible, it’s vital that both employees and customers have access to hand sanitizer to better prevent the spread of disease.

The sanitizer kiosk includes an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. Like a touchless soap dispenser, you just put your hand under the dispenser, and the kiosk takes care of the rest. This is especially helpful for disinfecting the hands of customers and employees entering and leaving a building. The result is a safer and cleaner environment for everyone.

Face Mask and Sterile Glove Distribution

Face masks and gloves are becoming the norm for many businesses and facilities across the country. To accommodate the growing need for personal protective equipment (PPE), the sanitation station comes with built-in holders and dispensers for both gloves and masks.

These optional dispensers are designed to accommodate a wide variety of box sizes to ensure you can safely distribute PPE to your staff and customers.

Data Collection Improves Contact Tracing and Protects Businesses

On top of its practical applications in combatting COVID-19, the sanitation station can also be upgraded for data collection and analysis to make your safely return-to-work strategy even more effective. Through the unit’s optional data collection capabilities, companies can better track and control who enters and exits their facility.

When combined with other additional features such as RFID scanners and cameras, companies can apply contact tracing to learn where a fever came from and how it got in the building. This also helps companies to further reduce liability through the proactive and mindful collection of data.

Furthermore, data collection applications extend the life of the kiosk far beyond the current pandemic. By swapping or combining the temperature sensor with a camera and incorporating features such as RFID scanners and visitor counters, businesses can repurpose the kiosk to better communicate with and track customers and employees both now and in the future.

Keep Employees and Customers Safe with Your Sanitation Station

As the world adapts to a new normal, it is important businesses do everything they can to keep their staff, customers, and students safe and secure. A sanitation station is a safe, clean, and effective way to take the necessary precautions before someone walks in the door.

Thanks to digital signage displays, temperature sensors, hand sanitizer dispensers, mask and glove distribution, and more, a sanitizer kiosk can handle all your COVID-19 precautions in one convenient package.

Learn how your business can benefit from this solution, and see how you can make people feel more comfortable at your business starting now. Contact datanet AV and ask about our comprehensive coronavirus solution for your company today.