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Sanitation Station Protects Staff, Customers, and Students

Workers in office wearing face masks.

It’s more important than ever for businesses and schools to do everything they can to protect employees, customers, and students. The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyday activities such as visiting a grocery store or going to school extremely stressful. To better protect everyone, schools and employers are finding new ways to better safeguard their businesses.

Recommended precautions for COVID-19 include taking temperatures regularly and before people enter enclosed spaces. Other recommendations include increased handwashing, the use of sterile gloves, wearing face masks, and social distancing.

Adhering to these precautions takes time and effort. What’s more, enforcement of these protocols can put employees at potential risk of both infections and dangerous confrontations. Thankfully, datanet AV has a solution to safeguard businesses while following pandemic protocols.

The sanitation station is a convenient and cost-effective solution to provide businesses and facilities with the tools they need to protect themselves from the pandemic. Learn how it can help you protect people from coronavirus infection both now and in the future.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Grocery stores, supermarkets, and other retailers provide vital supplies people desperately need. It is imperative these stores do everything they can to make customers feel safe while restoring consumer confidence. Stores have a responsibility to do more than protect their customers, they must protect their employees as well.

A strategically placed sanitation station is a safe and effective way to protect consumers and staff both in and out of the store. With a sanitary kiosk, there is no need for an employee to greet customers, take temperatures, or remind them to wear masks. The sanitizer kiosk handles all that for you!

Simply place the kiosk in the entrance of the store. The kiosk provides clear instructions regarding rules for customers. Furthermore, it makes sanitizing hands for staff and visitors a breeze.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities


The rapid influx in patients has left hospitals and waiting rooms in a serious bind. As cases of coronavirus continue to mount, there are many people avoiding hospital waiting rooms for fear of catching the virus. Some hospitals have even created external waiting rooms to better quarantine those who may be infected.

Through the use of a sanitation station at the waiting room entrance, a patient or resident can have their temperature checked, receive a mask, and sanitize their hands before even entering triage. Identifying those who are potentially infected before they enter the facility helps these patients be swiftly directed to the proper location. This better protects more vulnerable or immunocompromised patients from the spread of infection.

And sanitizer kiosks are for more than just patients. They also provide a valuable resource for nurses and other healthcare workers to sanitize hands and check their own temperatures before beginning a shift.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Debate continues regarding the safety of students returning to school. While some schools are opting for online-only classes, there are also those admitting students back to the classroom.

Protecting students and ensuring their safety is a crucial aspect of any learning institution’s mission. Considerations for protecting students also include wearing face masks in addition to increased handwashing.

However, while the safety of students is paramount, there is also the safety of teachers to consider.

There are hundreds, and even thousands, of students attending a school each day. With so many people, it is difficult to find a quick, convenient, and socially distant solution to check temperatures and help students maintain proper hygiene.

A sanitizer kiosk in the front of a building allows schools and universities to quickly and safely read temperatures and provide valuable PPE for students and faculty alike.

Office Buildings and Businesses

As the country looks to reopen, many businesses and offices are transitioning to fully remote work. For those that are unable to work from home, assuring staff of their health and safety is critical. What can offices do to stay safe while reopening in the age of COVID-19?

The best way to protect employees is through the precautions listed above. But how are employers supposed to follow these steps while also remaining productive? By including a sanitation station at the front entrance, employers can follow best practices before staff enter the office.

Did an employee leave their mask at home? It’s no problem thanks to the convenient mask and glove dispensers. These dispensers can accommodate almost any box, and you can have PPE readily available for employees as they enter the building.

The sanitary kiosk is fast and easy to use. No one is needed to operate the kiosk, creating a safe and socially distanced solution for your office building. With a sanitizer kiosk strategically placed at your office entrance, employee minds can be put at ease so they can better focus on their jobs.

Get Your Sanitation Solution for Your Business Today!

Protecting both staff and customers while restoring confidence in resuming their daily routine is a challenge for everyone. The sanitation station from datanet AV helps offices, healthcare facilities, schools, retailers, and more rise to this challenge.

Learn how you can take advantage of this innovative sanitation solution to better protect your staff and employees from the risks of COVID-19. Contact datanet AV now and ask how you can have a sanitary kiosk installed today.