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Proper cooling is the second-largest opportunity (after virtualization) your organization has to reduce IT costs. It is fundamental to the successful operation of data centers and networks and essential for high system availability and performance.

At datanet IT, we carefully study which cooling methods will be most effective and cost-efficient for your environment. We believe in sustainable options and data center cooling best practices.


Data Center Cooling Solutions

In terms of data centers, we’ve learned that containment is generally the best choice for cooling IT equipment. While this fact is nothing new for IT data center

techs, there are a number of data center cooling options to choose from based on your organization’s environment and needs.

It is important to understand whether you need cold aisle or hot aisle containment. For example, are you seeking a cost-effective vinyl curtain containment system or a hard-panel, acrylic cold-air containment system?

Our goal is to evaluate your needs and build a strategy for best results. At DataNet IT, we are a data center cooling vendor and installer that is certain to meet your data center requirements and your budget.

Data Center Cooling System Structure

The datanet IT system for cold aisle containment includes a UL/FM rated continuous, drop-panel roof system, sliding doors, and modular wall panels. We rely on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) through accredited professionals to provide comprehensive modeling based on the flow of gas and liquid and its consequences.

Once we assess your needs, we work with you to decide on some high-end door, roof, wall, and rack features and options that are suitable for optimum data center cooling. The right room cooling system is a critical decision for your IT assets.

Data Center Cooling Options

Equipment containment equates to a highly efficient door, roof, and wall systems, and there are varying data center cooling options and features for each of these components.

  • Door System. Choose from single or double sliding doors or a single or double-hinged doors. These gasket-sealed, modular door designs are made to order to fit any cabinet and attach to any surface. They are easy to install and offer clear glass for added security.
  • Roof System. Choose from a polar or retractable roof system and expect custom builds, UL listed PVC panels, UL/FM rated fire sprinklers, clear panels that are easy to remove and maintain, and a modular design compatible with the door and wall systems. The electronic retractable option offers added protection in the case of fire.
  • Wall System. Choose from rigid or soft wall systems in the sizes required. The modular design is compatible with the door and roof systems, and see-through panels provide optimum light.
  • Rack System. Choose a rack cooling option that fits your space and equipment.

When you are ready to design or retrofit your spaces with data center cooling solutions, datanet IT can help you with the perfect plan by supplying and installing your system.

Whether you require a full-spectrum two-door system, a polar booth, or a cube-style configuration, our technicians have the experience for a seamless installation that will protect your contained IT assets into the future. We also specialize in computer room cooling.

Benefits in Our Server Cooling Systems

An efficient server cooling system offers a number of obvious benefits along with some hidden advantages you might not know about. When you choose datanet IT, you make the decision to gain the most you can expect in a cooling system along with an excellent support network post installation.

  • Modern, energy-efficient equipment
  • Improved air distribution with cutting-edge components
  • Increased cooling capacity
  • Reduced power and carbon requirements
  • More efficiency in heating/cooling match
  • Managed implementation and configuration by experts in the field
  • Improved temperature and humidity control systems
  • Reduced risk of damage/failure
  • Backup cooling options in case of an unexpected disaster
  • Alert systems to identify temperature events
  • Easy installation, maintenance, and upgrades

With datanet IT, you count on quality cooling products and parts and a seasoned technical team to install and support your new server cooling system or your transition to an updated system.

Achieving High Performance and Cost Efficiency

datanet IT focuses on helping clients achieve high levels of performance and cost efficiency when it comes to their data center cooling needs. Our three main data center cooling solutions involve the most valuable assets within your IT organization’s infrastructure:

  • Computer Room Air Cooling (CRAC)—a unit designed to monitor and maintain your data center and network room air distribution and temperature for optimum climate control.
  • Rack and Row Cooling—room-based cooling systems based on racks and rows for best efficiency in cooling and as-needed distribution.
  • Heat Containment—a data center cooling system designed for high efficiency to manage excess heat that is produced by the equipment.

Data Center cooling systems can be a costly investment if not planned and implemented carefully and correctly. The choices you make depend on a wide range of criteria around your IT environment.

You must decide if you need a low-cost vinyl solution or a high-end hard panel solution. Do you require a full retrofit for CRAC units on the roof to feed air under a raised floor, or do you need a simplified addition to your existing cooling system?

We recognize that every organization’s data center and network infrastructure are unique and have their own cooling requirements. Room size, raised floors, dropped ceilings and the physical topography of the racked equipment play an important role in determining the optimal cooling solution.

When you are working with experts who understand data center and data center requirements, the challenge is manageable. Let datanet IT be your go-to supplier for data center cooling solutions.

For more information about DataNet IT’s expertise and superior server cooling solutions that also help you cut energy costs, contact us here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today. We offer a full host of options at a price point that meets your business needs.

If you are ready to hire a data center cooling contractor, contact us at (408) 684-9100. 

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