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Hire Data Center Moving Contractordatanet IT as a company is called upon–and trusted–by technology and industry leaders as well as smaller organizations to plan and carry out Data Center moves and Laboratory Relocations. 






Crucial Steps for Your Data Center Moves

Our teams in both U.S. coasts, East and West move enterprise clients’ data centers and laboratories. These customers turn to datanet IT to carry out all these crucial relocation steps:

  • Document network topology – even if documentation already exists, we must document every detail, setting, and connection and apply best practices in order to take responsibility for reassembly and correct operation at the new location.
  • Decommission/tear down – during disassembly of this jigsaw puzzle, inventory must be taken flawlessly and each unit and component need to be properly staged and labeled. Thoughtful grouping of connectors and peripherals can save time and money at the destination end. These considerations are not taken lightly.
  • Pack and move – this stage requires awareness of what needs to arrive at each point in the sequence. Having the right packaging to safely move each unit in accordance with manufacturer specifications is crucial to maintain warranties.
  • Re-connection – Rack, stack, and patch. The accurate reassembly of potentially thousands of switches and servers and hundreds of racks requires a sophisticated methodology, from physically fitting the equipment back into its place in the new facility to optimizing cabling paths. We then bring up the equipment, and test and verify that each unit is operational.
  • Test and confirm integration – it is imperative to confirm that all interconnectivity is correct and that the integration between units has not been compromised during the move or reassembly. Moving a data center is a significant responsibility that must often be carried out under intense time pressure.

This is not the time to pull together an ad hoc team and hope they arrive at the correct safeguards and processes in time to avoid costly errors. Some of the world’s top technology firms trust datanet IT’s experience and proven record in data center moves and laboratory relocation for companies, above any internal team they can assemble from thousands of skilled engineers and technicians.

Considerations for a Data Center Move and Laboratory Relocation

Before your companies data center moves and laboratory relocation takes place, there are a number of considerations to take into account. While moving servers and equipment is generally performed using standard guidelines, working with applications requires a methodical process that may involve detailed guidelines based on each application. Consider the stages of new apps under development as well as current installations taking place. It is also important to gauge existing user experiences before a move takes place, so administrators know what to expect afterward.When you pre-plan your data center move and laboratory relocation with a reputable provider like datanet IT, expect a seamless and precise transition with zero downtime, planned down to the last wire.

Potential Mistakes you may Encounter

Data is a highly essential asset for most companies, an asset that affects productivity on a regular basis. When companies place a relocation effort into their own hands, a number of mistakes can be made. When data is going to be moved from one location to another, there is no room for risk or costly errors. You must rely on a reputable company with experience to help manage a laboratory relocation. Review these potential mistakes that can be made in a DIY data center move or lab relocation. The failure to execute on these important phases could be devastating:

  • Inventory Existing Infrastructure. When a thorough data and software inventory is not completed, a lab relocation can be a disastrous and costly experience.
  • Relocation Design Strategy. When an organization makes assumptions about the data center requirements and doesn’t have a strategy in place, valuable assets may be disorganized and difficult to access, or even lost.
  • Data Center Migration Plan. A structured plan and experienced technicians that know exactly what they are doing can save companies thousands of dollars and at the same time protect their valuable data in a seamless event.
  • Risk Management Plan. Risks must be identified up front as well as a contingency plan for every aspect of a data center move. Secure backups and data archives must be in place before such lab moves are implemented.
  • Reliable Data Center Technicians. An inexperienced team can lead to lost or inaccurate data and seriously affect the future of your business. Find an expert team that is current with technology and has the technical know-how to plan and strategize a successful data center migration from start to finish.

It is uncommon and ill-advised for organizations to take on a data center move or lab relocation effort without the guidance of experienced consultants and technical experts. Count on the datanet IT team to guide you through a seamless relocation process that results in secure, accurate data and uninterrupted operations that do not affect user productivity.

What To Expect in a Partner

When you are seeking a proven resource to provide infrastructure services that include a successful data center move, there are a number of ways to determine a sound reputation.

  • Visit the company website and review the suite of infrastructure services for a comprehensive set of skills and abilities. A reliable company generally offers more than just data moves.
  • Look at the history and longevity of the company, and ensure they have been in business for many years versus a startup with zero experience that could lead to potential failure rates.
  • Seek out company mission and vision statements so you can identify credibility and long-term commitments for the safety and security of your assets.
  • Review the company’s support and leadership model, service guarantee, and core competencies to get a sense of what to expect for your data migration experience.
  • Find out what customers are saying about the company you choose. There is no better way to learn about a provider than to hear from satisfied clients.

datanet IT is a solutions provider that meets the criteria for effective and seamless data center relocations. The team is dedicated to supporting your effort from the planning and testing phases to implementation and beyond. In datanet IT, you’ve found a comprehensive service provider for the long term. 

Contact us here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about our relocation services. If you are ready to hire data center moving contractor immediately, contact us at (408) 684-9100. 

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