Structured Cabling Services

Better Network Connections to Support Processes and Customers

Leave the details of your structured cabling to us.

Our experienced design engineers know that your network needs the flexibility to accommodate growth and change over an extended period of time and that high-end network cabling system design is a critical component to your network.

datanet IT based in Santa Clara, CA and Cary, NC, delivers network cabling services with a uniform, open physical cabling topology that can simultaneously support multiple logical networking scenarios. Consider today’s demands for clear voice, high-speed data, superior video, and precise imaging.

We are a full-service network cabling contractor. Our teams are in each US Coast, Silicon Valley and Raleigh, North Carolina, performing everything from auditing and testing to full lab and data center moves. Equipment procurement and installation, testing, and documentation are part of the package. We apply standards-based methods to engineer and install infrastructure that enables predictable performance in data, voice, and video.

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Global technology leaders, as well as smaller companies in a wide range of industries, rely on datanet IT for our depth of experience and expertise.

They call on us to install and deploy network infrastructure and to handle lab and data center moves, from start to finish. They count on us to evaluate and diagnose network issues accurately while maintaining manufacturer warranties. Finally, they rely on our audit and test services for upgrades and expansion. 

Contact us here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about our cabling standards and services. If you are ready to hire a data cabling contractor, call us at (408) 684-8598. 


Service Highlights

  • Cutting-edge equipment and technology
  • Simplified design for easy maintenance
  • Scalable and forward-thinking designs that will grow with your business
  • Dependable and secure networking
  • Energy efficient solutions for additional savings
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