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What to look for when buying an Integrated Video and Access Control System


Protecting our physical assets as well as our computerized assets is more critical than ever before

what should you consider buying when evaluating access control and security solutions

When you consider the state of unrest that plagues the nation these days, it may be time to add increased building security to your commercial assets. New technologies have improved the inter-workings of business security systems to defend against discerning criminals that are finding new ways to intimidate businesses at every level.

Security Features 

When you are ready to upgrade your existing infrastructure or buy a business security system to protect your physical property, there are a number of new features to look for. Some or all of these features will add to your overall task of creating a safe and secure environment. After all, a disaster could make or break your business.

Superior Video. A modern commercial security system includes superior video so that security managers can decipher activity, recognize intruders, and even use the surveillance in a court of law if needed. Higher resolution video with improved video compression is available at lower costs and proves a critical component for business continuity.

Smartphone Compatible. A savvy web interface makes it simple to remotely manage your physical security system including access, card readers, video, and automated alarms. Get real-time surveillance and ongoing reporting as you need it on mobile or workplace devices, wherever you happen to be. Get a text message alert, a call, or an email as needed. 

TouchScreen Monitor Options. A customizable monitoring system can be accessed anytime and scaled to meet your space requirements. Select from top-of-the-line tablet touch screens to basic monitors for your security room, and expand or reduce resources as needed to align with your structures and your business growth. Lock or unlock doors, manage alerts, and report problems from your touchscreen device. Simple monitoring systems increase security and reduce costs and risks.

Sustainable Systems. The nation is on a mission for sustainable components for every facet of the business, and a quality business security system is no different. You can expect systems that are manufactured for energy savings and meet today’s standard energy efficiency guidelines.

Get Results With Better Security

Commercial customers that install better building security for their physical assets are seeing results. There is no better time than the present to call datanet IT and discuss your security needs and buy a business security system. It’s a small investment that prepares you and your business for the unexpected during vulnerable times. Better building security is shown to result in:

  • Reduced criminal activity at the site—if an intruder is aware of security cameras, it is less likely the intruder will pursue criminal activity at your site.
  • Added protection and peace of mind for workers and leaders—when your commercial buildings have an added level of protection, workers are more confident in the workplace and leaders worry less.
  • Workplace risk reduction—building security is certain to reduce risks when records are kept, videos are produced, and there is little on-site activity that goes unnoticed.
  • Managed solution in case of an emergency—should an unexpected event take place, security teams are in a position to react in a timely manner and either prevent further damage or identify suspects and follow through with criminal charges.
  • Reduction in long-term costs when you are proactive—when you invest early in the appropriate level of security to protect your commercial assets, you save on costs down the road.
  • Decreased chance of intruders or disasters that can take down your business or result in lawsuits—when a disaster takes place and there is no recourse, you can lose your business or many of your assets. It only takes one devastating event.

Don’t overlook building security inside and outside your buildings. While you may have surveillance for your commercial exteriors, DataNetIT also helps with security systems and surveillance for server rooms, devices, rack mounts, workstations, backup drives, and printers, to name a few. Intruders, unfortunately, are often inside as well, so go the extra mile to tighten the security of your peripherals.

Why Choose DataNet IT For Your Integrated Video and Access Control

When you rely on a reputable resource for a state-of-the-art business security system for badging, photo capture, unified system management, and real-time reporting, it’s a step toward the safety and security of your people and your work site. datanet IT integrates the industrys best hardware and software to ensure the excellent functionality and performance of your system. The datanet IT team can guide you and integrate the best quality system that is suitable for your structures and your budget. We’ll be there for you from planning through implementation and beyond. Contact us at (408) 684-9100.