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How to Select the Right Business Security Camera Installation Company


Selecting the Right Security Camera Company is Pivotal For Your BusinessSuccess

We’ve identified four of our top tips for selecting the right business security cameras installation company


The big day has finally arrived. You’ve researched the reasons why your company needs a business security camera system, you know about the different types of cameras, and now you’re finally ready to move forward with your purchase.  But wait—you know you want to use a professional installer, but as you browse installer websites you realize you’re not quite sure what to look for.  Selecting the right business surveillance cameras installation company can make or break the installation of your new security camera system.  In an ideal world, the installation company should have your back, work with you to understand and meet your unique needs and provide expert consultation on what cameras will keep your business secure.  You want the installation company you select to inspire confidence, not cause you to question whether you’re wasting your hard-earned money.  It can be challenging to know what to look for beyond someone with decent reviews and some experience as an installer. 

  1. Look for installers that are also vendors

When you’re vetting potential business security camera installers, one thing to look for is whether they are also a vendor for one or more brands of camera.  Installation companies that are vendors generally have a far superior awareness of the pros and cons to their products, and they also tend to have more security camera options on hand for you to examine.  Another perk to choosing an installer that is also a vendor is that it means that the installer has enough trust in a particular brand or line of cameras to directly tie the well-being of their business to a specific product.  When you’re looking to protect your business, that’s the kind of confidence that you want the installation company to have in the products they offer! 

Many installation companies will specify on their website whether they are a vendor, but you can also verify with them via phone or email if you want more information.  This tip is especially helpful if there is a particular brand of camera that you know you want to get based on your research.  If you can find an installation company that is a vendor for the brand of cameras you want, you’re certain to have an installer who is much more knowledgeable than a generic installer who picks whatever camera is cheapest.


  1. Provide a security risk assessment and evaluation

When you’re gathering information about the installation process, all reputable installation companies should offer a security risk assessment evaluation or some variation of those things.  It makes no sense for a business security camera installation company to try to make recommendations about how to improve your company’s security if they don’t have a comprehensive understanding of where the gaps are in your current design.  The security risk assessment might include examining the physical space (like checking for any doors that are currently unmonitored or unsecured entrances) and the network security (whether you’re vulnerable to being hacked, etc.).

If an installation company tries to tell you that they don’t need to do any kind of initial assessment, run the other direction!  This is one area that should never be skimped on if the company is truly committed to doing a quality job for you and your business. 


  1. Knowledge of how to maximize benefits

The main purpose of a business security camera system is fairly self-explanatory.  However, there are numerous ways that a surveillance cameras system can be utilized for other purposes to benefit the business.  You want to find an installation company who is at least aware of different ways clients can capitalize on their new camera system.  Whether they give you pointers on how to use your cameras to monitor traffic in your store or if they’re giving you advice about going viral with that cute wildlife video your exterior cam caught, a good installer will be able to think creatively with you about how you can get the most out of your security camera system.






  1. Flexible offerings

As you’re scrolling through the different options each installation company offers, make sure that they provide flexible packages for the systems they offer.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to business security cameras, and reputable installers know that.  The best surveillance camera installation companies will always offer varied security solutions to their clients by providing different combinations of cameras and security packages.  With the plethora of unique features and ways to tailor your set up, you’ll save in the long run if you work with an installer that is able to offer different security camera packages that are designed to meet client needs.


While some aspects of selecting a business security camera system installation company might seem like common sense (e.g., picking a company that’s proven to have experience), there are a lot of subtle things to keep an eye out for.  If you follow our tips and look for an installation company that is a vendor, provides your business with a security risk assessment and evaluation, provides varied security camera packages, and is knowledgeable about the multiple—and occasionally unorthodox—applications of security camera systems, you’ll be set.  Just remember to follow our tips and do your research ahead of time so that you feel confident and comfortable with what type of camera system you want to buy.

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As datanet IT, our experts specialize in working with clients to design tailored security solutions.  If you’ve got questions about whether we’re the right installation company for you, feel free to reach out to us today and we’re happy to work with you! If you wish to be contacted about an install, please fill out this form.  Please note that we are a vendor, we offer security risk assessment and evaluations, and we have experience with ensuring that our customers get the full benefit of our custom-designed business security camera systems.