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How to Hire a Data Center Cabling Company—5 Things to Watch Out For


When you weed through the mountain of reasons why one company is better than another, keep these five things in mind


Startups, accomplished small businesses, and thriving enterprises, when you hire a data center network cabling contractor or company to ensure seamless connectivity between your networks, people, and processes, there are some important things to watch out for. When you consider the increase in online services that aim to offer efficient network cabling solutions, it is necessary to recognize that not all network cabling contractors are created equal. 

Does Your Provider Have A History?

Be sure you get a referral and visit your provider’s website to learn more. If your data center cabling company has been in business long enough to offer cabling experts to assess your needs and provide a successful strategy specific to your business requirements, you are likely moving in the right direction. An expert provider will not be shy about offering an About Us page with information about their company mission and vision, and these values should be aligned with your needs. Seek out positive reviews and learn what existing clients are saying about the IT service providers you are considering when you hire a data cabling company.

Are You Getting Quality Material?

Ask the right questions, and find out more about the parts and materials vendors used when you hire a data center network cabling company. High-end quality parts are essential to the IT environment, and you don’t want to end up with an unreliable vendor that uses one-off cheap parts that infiltrate the Internet, advertised at a great price. A reputable service provider will be working with leading vendors to get the best parts and materials for your networking components and equipment.

Does The Team Offer A Custom Solution, Compatible With Your Environment?

Whether you are just getting started with your small or medium sized business, or your enterprise company is making a network transition, you must hire a network cabling company that knows how to assess your infrastructure and offer a versatile custom strategy that is compatible with your current business environment. When you buy an out-of-the-box solution to suit your networking needs, customization can become a disaster unless you have skilled IT staff that can tweak it and make it work. When you rely on a seasoned team for your data cabling needs, your networking is easier and the challenges are managed.

Is Data Cabling a Specialty or a Sideline?

Rely on experts in the field and not part-time generalists with the wrong background who promise sounds electrical work but really can’t deliver. The IT professionals you hire should possess an in-depth understanding of computer networking and the environmental factors for seamless data transmission. When you review the online services offered by today’s cabling providers, ask yourself if these services are relevant and compatible with your company IT needs. If a provider is offering a multitude of non-related services, you may be researching the wrong company. Look for a focused IT services provider that is well versed in the facets of technology.

Are You Buying Energy- and Cost-Efficient Solutions?

With energy and cost-efficiency on the forefront for business entities and consumers as well, make sure the network cabling solutions you are reviewing fall into the right categories. If you are comparing companies and the bids are too high or too low, it may be a red flag. Keep in mind that the cost of network cabling services is not always the most important factor. You may pay more for energy-efficiency but save in the long run. Weigh all of your options, and look for sustainable, long-term solutions.

When you hire a network cabling company, don’t make a mistake. Carefully consider these five things to watch out for. Find a company with a lasting reputation that describes their services and answers their phone. Make sure they have a good history in the business, use the highest quality parts, offer a custom solution for your needs, specializing in data cabling, and offer energy- and cost-efficient options. It’s a decision that will affect your small, medium, or enterprise level company for a long time and will definitely prepare you for technological changes of the future.  

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